2016 Salmon Fly Update #4

June 21, 2016

2016 Salmon Fly Update #4

Salmon Flies popped off over the weekend on the Yellowstone.  It was another weird hatch in that the big bugs hatched from Livingston all they way up to Point of Rocks within a matter of a day or two.  Fish are definitely keyed in on the adults and dry fly fishing has been outstanding.  They're also hammering stonefly nymphs so running a dry dropper rig has been the most successful... don't be suprised if you double up on both a few times!  The big bugs generally slow their upstream pace once they reach Joe Brown access before taking off up into the park where they typically hang around for a while.  The next day or two should be good from Carbella's down to Emigrant but getting up above Yankee Jim Canyon will be key as the week goes on.

The Upper Madison still has some salmon flies on it but fish have not been keying in on them for the most part. Again, the hatch has been pretty sporadic so good luck finding fish eating big bugs over there.  Warm weather and low "W" in the forecast means we could see some good dry fly fishing later in the week.

The Gallatin will be the next river to go and we've heard of a few big bugs flying around the mouth of the canyon already.  Look for that river to pop this week with the high temps we have projected!  The Gallatin has one of the more underrated salmon fly hatches in the area and it usually travels up river rather predictably (as predictable as it can for this crazy hatch).  

The Lower Madison was pretty much skipped this year when it came to salmon flies.  Dry fly fishing has been pretty slow during the day with Yellow Sallies, Caddis, and PMD's.  Brown Drakes have been hatching in large numbers during the evenings and fish have been keying in on them specifically.  Get your headlamp out and fish past dark if you want to take full advantage of this hatch!

Rock Creek's hatch has run it's course but the river's fishing well on Golden's, PMD's, and Caddis dries!

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