Big Bug Weekend Update

June 30, 2012

Big Bug Weekend Update

Your most up to date Salmonfly Reports: 
From the area's fishing experts - not dress experts...

Upper Madison - Reports rolling in from over here have been good to excellent with some of the best Salmonfly fishing in years - the most recent reports from this morning was that the bugs are up around Ruby and Pallisades, that should make for a great weekend and some good wade fishing over the weekend up higher as well just ahead of the majority of the hatch. Personally I'd go up and do Windy Point down to Mac and fish them hard and heavy and then put on for a second float depending on where it fished the best - doing laps up here is the way to fish the hatch once it gets above town. 

Yellowstone - Now is the time to be on the Yellowstone for the next 2 or 3 days, there are big bugs all the way from Grey Owl on up to Yankee Jim Canyon, the on the water report from Karyn and Dave Kumlien this morning was that bugs were thick at Joe Brown but weren't quite up to Cinnabar yet, so maybe stay below Yankee Jim (Carbella down) for the next day or so, then it will be on up around Gardiner for the next 3 or 4 days. Bugs should be making their way into the canyon in the Park around the second week of July most likely, perhaps a little earlier. Already has been an excellent year on the Yellowstone and it's just getting started for the summer!!!

Gallatin - The Salmonflies are on the move on the Gallatin - most of the adults have moved on and there have been less reports of adults being sighted the last few days, that being said, the fish seem to still be keyed in and eating them, so who cares where the adults are! We recommend staying a little behind the hatch, picking out the pocket water and sticking with copper chubbies and a few goldenstone patterns, that has been successful the past couple of days!

Big Hole - Done for the year.

Lower Madison - And... Done...

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