Drift Boat Etiquette

June 16, 2018

Drift Boat Etiquette

There is a fine line between not having enough stuff and having way too much when it comes to drift boating with friends. When you have more pounds of gear in the boat then pounds of human, you did something wrong. The sight of my drift boat when myself and two other fisherman head out must be hysterical. There have been times when we have upward of 8 rods, 5 gear bags, 2 coolers, dogs, and enough terminal tackle to last a month. We usually forget food, but if you need beer or gear, we are never lacking. Usually this is a result of everyone needing a separate rod for dries, nymphs, and streamers. But man, Drift boats fill up fast. That being said, there is always those people who need tippet, flies, fly floatant, and just about everything else. Ideally, one should be neither of these people when getting into a drift boat. But what should you bring?


One Rod, maybe a rod in a sock as a back up if necessary. If you are close enough to get in a drift boat together, you should be close enough to share rods now and again wink Bring Tippet, period. Don’t forget the flies that are the most likely candidates to get eaten. When I head out in someone elses boat, I bring a 9’ 6 weight rod with a sinking line and a floating line. This covers everything that needs to get done. I bring one boat bag with tippet, leaders, flies, a rain coat and lunch. That’s all you really need. If someone is taking you out too, bring some beer! Don’t be the guy no one wants to take fishing ever again!

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