Exploring New Water by John McPherson

July 10, 2019

Exploring New Water by John McPherson

  Recently I was on vacation with a family member. It wasn't a fishing trip vacation, but I did get to spend one day on the water. Luckily that was just enough time to figure out some key things for a future trip.

  I have only been to the area we were in once before, and that was only for a couple hours before I had to be at a wedding rehearsal. This time I got to learn the area for five days and spend one full day getting a handle on the fishing. Since we were staying in the area multiple nights I got to find out if it had good camping available. It turns out that there were camping options all over the place. Sites ranged from very nice front country pay campgrounds to basic primitive sites that are free of charge. Now, for future trips I will have an idea of where I will camp before I get to the river.

  Almost as important as camping, I also found out what my drive times will be to certain places. This will help me decide how many times I will be able to make the trip. It's not a weekend fishing trip that I will be able to do without at least a three day weekend. Long drive times automatically go hand in hand with more gas stops. Along with distance and time, I now know the cost of the trip for my gas bill. Luckily my 8 cylinder getsgood gas milage.

  As for the fishing, it was definately a learning experience. I caught fish but only one of the species I was actually trying to catch. I wasn't disappointedwith those results because I learned a lot of valuable knowledge to put to use on my next trip.

Over the years of exploring new waters to fish I have never had a disappointing trip. Some have been during some very foul weather, while others have just been the wrong time of year. No matter what curve balls have been thrown at me I have always had fun and I'm always looking forward to my return trip.

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