June 9, 2018


PMD has had many meanings for me through the years. As an engineering student we had words like polarization mode dispersion, physical medium dependent, and program management document thrown around constantly. These acronyms simply caused my mind to wander. I could visualize the little pale yellow bugs ascending from the foam lines and riffles of my favorite trout streams, and more importantly, visions of brown trout gradually rising from the bottom of the river to gently sip the vulnerable bug, only to disappear back to the depths like apparitions. Eventually, reality would set in. An entire lecture was wasted and a there was still a long gap before those little bugs would be set to reappear.

Presently, PMD once again means Pale Morning Dun. June is here and the little bugs are beginning to make their first appearances on our warmer Montana waters. These bugs silently make for some of the best fishing days of the year. No one chases the PMD’s like they are salmon flies, spruce moths, or even brown drakes. Yet, the little bugs bring big noses to the surface for months out of the summer. The first spotting of these bugs each year consistently brings back fond memories of times spent on the river. Summer, full days fishing, solitude, big rising fish, and nice weather are on the docket. Its time to take a handful of your favorite PMD patterns, fly floatant, and 4x and hit the river, the good times lay just ahead.


Jake Walbridge

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