Salmon fly upadate #3

July 11, 2019

Salmon fly upadate #3

The big bug are out in full force and the fish have taken notice!


Bighole- As of late, the big bugs have ran there course up the entire water system. You still might see a few rouge out there, but the bulk of the hatch has come and gone. A popular setup to try on this river is a mid-sized chubby W/ a pheasant tail dropper this time of year. You might also want to down size to a purple haze lead fly with a elk hair caddis behind that.

Upper Madison- Big bugs have made their way up the river system! You'll be able to find the hatch up around Lyons Bridge and onward. A few flies to entice big leroy would be: size #4 salmon fly water walkers, cat pukes, dogs pukes, & flutter bugs. Don't forget to twitch and skate those behemoth flies to produce a natural immitation. Also, it wouldn't be a bad idea to fish a single salmon fly bug so you can get it tight to the bank and under that fishy brush. If the big aren't eating the big bug size down to a smaller chubby W/ a rubber legs or yellow sally dropper.

Gallatin- The salmon flies have made there way up the canyon and a ways past Big Sky. If you're chasing these guys a good bet would be heading up around Portal Creek and onward. Fish should be looking up for a large cheesburger meal if you time it right. We've had reports of anglers doing well in the afternoon til' dark. Get out there and chase these fatties while there still out!

Yellowstone- They have arrvied and their timing couldn't be more perfect! As of late, we have been seeing the big bugs above Carbella and up. If you want to catch the hatch, head up towards Gardiner. Anglers have been having good luck in Yankee Jim canyon as well. If your'e out on a float, try painting the bank with a single salmon fly pattern. Getting it tight under the over grown brush cab reep larger rewards, but you can expect to lose a few flies in the proccess. Aside from the salmon fly hatch, there is a plethora of other hatches going on. You can expect to see golden stones, chocolate caddis, mirco caddis, PMD's, cranflies, and green drakes. That being said, you could fish a big bug as your lead fly and small stimi or water walker as a trailer.


Happy Casting!

- Blaine Berg 

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