The One Fly

June 10, 2018

The One Fly

It’s a slow moving day here at Montana Troutfitters and it has us thinking, what flies would we pick if we were only allowed only one. Of course, this conversation quickly revealed that this is an impossible question. As such, the only logical step was to break it into a two part question. What our favorite flies to fish are and our go to flies if we had to catch fish every day and could only have one. The answers are as follows:


Favorite Fly: Pink Yeti Hopper – Because this fly wrecks trout during hopper months and the takes are beyond explosive.

Go-to-Fly: Purple Haze – This fly catches fish year round, works for most all hatches, works well as a terrestrial, is a good prospecting pattern, and flat out gets eaten! I just know it as ol’ reliable.


Favorite Fly: Pig Jig – This fly wreaks havoc on big trout! It is a home spun bug so the only way to find this fly is to come in and talk to me.

Go-to-Fly: Black Wooly Bugger – Ever heard of it? Bass, Carp, Trout, salt, river, stream, lake, it doesn’t matter. This fly just fishes. Every day. All day. In every way.


Favorite Fly: Olive articulated wooly bugger with deer hair head and eyes – This fly just swims. The takes are aggressive, the chases intense, and big browns flat out can’t resist it. Sometimes I just get goose bumps when the fly gets hammered!

Go-to-Fly: Chubby Dropper – It is two flies, but this rig just can’t be over looked. It’s a killer on creeks, it bashes big river browns, it works for hoppers, stone flies, beetles, ants, cicadas, or even moths, and covers both water columns. In my opinion there is not a single day out of the year where you can’t get them to eat a chubby dropper rig!


Favorite Fly: Murdich Minnow – Big browns, visual eats, and easy to tie. ‘Nuff said.

Go-to-Fly: Adam’s Parachute - This fly imitates everything from caddis and mayflies to stones when tied in the correct size. It’s a hard one to beat. You can chase big picky spring creek browns eating PMD’s and BWO’s, prospect it through fishy runs and pools, get midge eaters, fish eating the tailwater tinys, Spinner sippers, you can cut the hackle off and it works like an RS2 emerger, it will imitate big drakes, tricos, pseudos, white flies, and it can even be stripped. There are very few fish that can resist this bug. I’ve had great success from the Eastern United states to the western united states and everywhere in between.

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