Missouri River

December 29, 2022

Fishing Conditions

December 29, 2022

The Missouri river has been fishing great most days! Dry fly bite has been good somedays, others not as much. If you are going Dry or Die, Baetis and midges are your best options. Nymphers are doing the most damage out there with worms, zebra midges, sowbugs, scuds, and various baetis nymphs leading the charge. Some of our favorite baetis nymphs for fall are as follows all in sizes 18-22: RS2's, S&M's, split case bwo's, WD-40's, killer mayfly (olive), and olive perdigons. It might also be worth bringing a streamer rod with you as well, as the bite has been on fire lately. Swinging streamers has been producing. Some of our favorites lately have been the smaller flashy streamers (2-4 inches). Some good ones this time of year are Kreelex's, wooly buggers, home invaders, sparkle minnows, rusty trombone's, goldie's, and mini dungeons in olive/brown barred and black.

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Fly Pattern Suggestions

Dries: Sz 10-14 Thunder Thigh Hopper, Sz 8-12 Panty Dropper Hopper, Sz 6-14 Morrish Hopper, Sz 16 Delektable Flying Ant, Sz 16 Hi-Viz Foam Ant, Sz 22 Hackle Stacker Trico Female (Morning) and Sz 20 Male (evening), Sz 20 Pearl Butt Trico, Sz 20 Downed Trico.

Nymphs: Sz 14-18 Two Bit Hooker, Sz 16 Purple Deaths, Sz 18 Midges, Sz 14-18 Various Perdigons, Sz 14-18 Unweighted Tailwater sowbug, Sz 16 Ray Charles, Sz 16-18 Pink Softy.

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