Yellowstone Park Waters

September 15, 2019

Fishing Conditions

September 15, 2019

The northest corner is fishing great with the cool weather. Slough Creek is having it's usual late summer stimulator fishing. The Drakes have been hatching for one of the best late season hatches to fish. Early morning is time to fish small PMD's. When the air finally starts to warm the hopper fishing will begin to pick up steam. The fish are also targeting crickets hard in this area of the Park. If a breeze comes up and your near some willows put on an ant. It is still good to have a PMD emerger dropped under your hopper pattern. The Yellowstone River would be my next choice if I wasn't going into the Lamar Valley area. The PMD's are out but are tiny now. Stimulators, hoppers and ants are your mid-day patterns here too.  The west side of the Park has had cooler temps that have the are prime to fish again. Late season hopper action for the Firehole is going for a little while longer. The Madison has BWO's, caddis and a hopper bite. The Gallatin has the last of it's hopper bite with just as many fish eating a Blue Wing nymph.

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Fly Pattern Suggestions

Dries: Elk Hair Caddis/ Tan, Gray: 12-14-16, Snowshoe Caddis/ Tan: 14-16-18, Comparadun BWO: 16-18-20, Brook Sprout: 16-18-20, Chubby/ Olive, Golden: 12-14-16, Hackle Stacker BWO: 16-18, Snowshoe Sally: 14-16, Pearl Butt Trico:20-22, Hackle Stacker Trico: 20-22, Morrish Hopper: 8-10-12-14-16, Amy's Ant: 10-12-14, Attract-ant Black/Red: 10-12, CFO Ant: 12-14-16

Nymphs: Green Machine PT: 16-18-20, Rootbeer Float BWO: 18-20, Batwing Emerger BWO: 16-18, Military Mayfly: 16-18, Pat's Rubber Legs/ Olive, Black, Brown: 8-10-12, BH FB Pheasant Tail: 12-14-16-18, Hare's Ear: 12-14-16-18

Streamers: Zonker/ Tan, Pearl, Black: 4-6-8, Lil' Kim/ Silver: 4, Dirty Hippy/ Rainbow: 2

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