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Poison Ivy in the winter

Just a quick shout out to those of you who fish in the winter. You can still get poison Ivy rite now !!!! Trust me I'm coming off a 10 day recovery . The oil in the plant does not freeze up , it also can take up to 72 hours after contact to show up . It can & will spread to you from your clothes, dog pretty much anything it comes in contact with. The tough thing is that it is super tough to spot this time of year. If you are allergic "like I am" my advice is to stay away from the areas you know it resides in the summer. If fishing draws you to these areas"like it does me" then my next piece of advice would be go buy some poison Ivy wash & carry it with you making sure u wash up before leaving the river & again when you return home(and your dog & gear) cold water is key.. .If you have never had it I would be very cautious, this is  is totally miserable & almost an unbearable  itch!! Bear trap holds a high concentration of this bastard of a plant as well as some of the best winter fishing in the area , so not only watch your back cast out there but your step !! Even more so where you may choose to eat lunch  or "take a break"..Cheers & keep an eye on what your dog is rolling in because it just might not be otter scat !!!


I can’t wait until it warms up and I get to catch some fish smile
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Posted by Jimmy Green on 04/13 at 04:57 PM

The berries are seeds that you will find on mature poison ivy in this part of the country .Another identification in the winter will be thick hairy vines along the rocks or usually up a larger tree or bush . The resin is highly contagious even in the winter, I recommend an ivy scrub after a day on the river. Wash your dog,clothes & any gear as well if you think you have come in contact , it may sound like a pain but believe you me it is better than spreading the resin . Great blog & remember to keep a tight line.

Posted by Nolan Kerns on 01/13 at 09:08 PM

I had no idea it was possible to contract poison ivy in the winter until reading your blog? After an hr online I realized just how bad it can be ? It has been years since I have had this horrible rash. I always am keeping an eye out in the summer months but never even considerd the winter . Thanks for the heads up !

Posted by Zachary Collins on 01/13 at 10:07 AM

There are many home & over the counter remedies on line . Identification is probably your best friend when it comes to this nasty plant. Although not as easy in the winter , as mentioned earlier the berries will show about the first frost & not drop till late winter or early spring . The bush however not so much ? I contracted the oil from my dog last winter & after hundred of baths for both of us I finally scratched, itched, & washed the missable rash away . Good luck & thanks for the post !

Posted by Amy Lin Larson on 01/12 at 04:52 PM

My husband & I both got into it In BearTrap as well. I would recommend heading straight to the doctor office .

Posted by Nancy M on 01/10 at 05:59 PM

F—k Poison Ivy !

Posted by An itchy sob !! on 01/10 at 12:11 PM

It’s good to see posts like this ! Last year we did a three night trip on the Mo & like a damn fool I set camp near it . My sleeping bag & base layer clothes (now residing @ the Logan landfill) got covered !It took a couple days to show but by then it was to late !!! I love to winter fish but I’m hear to tell you it’s all over . Identification is good but if you walk the banks hunting heads it’s all to easy to walk through a patch . Be cautious & scrub up after a day out & just keep fishing.

Posted by Ken J Lane on 01/10 at 11:33 AM

I have seen it all over so- west Montana , some with berries & some without in the winter months . You can easily get it from your dogs or waders . My girlfriend got it two winters ago, her face swelled up so badly that we had to take her to eregent care & they gave her a steroid shot . She was out for two weeks healing .

Posted by Izac Thompson on 01/10 at 09:07 AM

My two cents is stay the hell away from it if you know it’s there . Just because you may be able to identify it does not mean your dog can . I spent two days in the hospital from that damn plant .

Posted by Ron Adams on 01/09 at 06:46 PM

Thank you guys !I had no idea you could get it in the winter ?

Posted by Kayle Bell on 01/09 at 04:50 PM

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