2016 Salmon Fly Update #2

June 10, 2016

2016 Salmon Fly Update #2

Well it looks like the Upper Madison is about to have a bunch of big bugs flying around on it!  Dave Kumlien floated Varney to town and reported that there were tons of salmon fly nymphs under rocks along the banks last night.  If the Upper behaves anything like the Big Hole River did last weekend we may be in for a wild ride with salmon flies coming off all over the river this weekend or early next week.  Hopefully that's not the case and we see a steady, predictable hatch... I guess we'll find out!  

Clarity on the Upper is pretty poor right now with around 18 inches of visibility along the bank lines.  If you can get ahead of the hatch, fish usually know it's coming and will hit big rubberlegs and dry's before the adults are even flying yet.  It's always better to be ahead than behind on this hatch!

There are still salmon flies on the Big Hole, Jerry Creek to Melrose has been the best for tossing big dry's to trout.  The key has been getting your fly as close to the bank as possible.  This is when fishing a singly dry really shines as you can get your fly much closer to the bank than if you are running a double rig.  There have been plenty of golden stones out too!  If you can't get them on dry's the streamer fishing has been extremely good over the last few days.  Fish have been eating big patterns with no remorse.

It's a great time to fish in Montana, we'll keep you updated on this years salmon fly hatch on our blog page!

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