2016 Salmon Fly Update #3

June 16, 2016

2016 Salmon Fly Update #3

Well just as it looked like we'd have a good salmon fly hatch get going on the Upper Madison, the weather took a turn and the river started dropping and clearing.  We had reports of adults hatching down on the Valley Garden section Friday and Saturday, but Saturday afternoon's cool temps coupled with dropping flows has slowed the adults from hatching and pulled fish from the banks to the middle of the river.  This hatch is primed to pop, and because it is based on both temperatures and light cycle, I'd imagine we're a few days away from it really going off with this weekends warmer weather that's forecasted.  As of now fishing rubberlegs and other stonefly nymphs will be your best bet until the weather warms.  With flows dropping and clearing, fish have moved into the middle of the river more than last week.  You can still put your bugs tight to the bank but don't forget about the runs and drops in the middle as they'll be holding fish as well.

The salmon fly hatch is pretty much done on the Big Hole, we've heard of guys catching fish on big dries still but the fish are most likely taking them for golden's rather than salmon flies.  The fishing is still good over there, the salmon fly has just run its course.  Yellow Sallies, Goldenstones, and Caddis will be your main hatches, with PMD's just starting to get going over there.

There are still salmon flies coming off around Missoula.  Rock Creek has some lingering up high, and the Blackfoot has reports of a solid hatch in it's upper stretches.  

As always, we'll keep you in the loop when we hear the latest!

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