As the Scouts say “Be Prepared” by John McPherson

September 28, 2016

As the Scouts say “Be Prepared” by John McPherson

  We have begun to shift into fall fishing weather. No longer can we head out in the morning with just the clothes on our backs. If you do you may get caught with your pants down so to speak. Outside of summer fishing; fall, winter and spring fishing are all times of the year that you need to be extra prepared in the Rocky mountains.

  Not everyone like to fish with a backpack rather than a small fanny or sling pack, but they are the only thing big enough to carry all the different items to fish without worry. We aren't just carrying fly boxes anymore. During these seasons you will also be bringing some extra clothing. I not only carry extra clothing but I also carry emergency supplies.

  During these months I make sure that I have some essentials in my pack. We'll start off with clothing. In case the temp start to drop I have a micro fleece layer to stay warm. When your body starts to shiver it has dropped 1 degree, this doesn't seem like much but it is your body trying to warm your core and fight off the beginnings of hypothermia. To go along with my fleece I carry a good shell jacket to keep me dry. It is best to have a wading jacket but if you don't have one yet a ski jacket or good rain coat will work just fine. Most of our body heat is lost from our heads and hands so I carry a wool cap and fishing gloves, ones that can convert from full coverage to fingerless. Usually that will be all the clothing I need to have but that's not all that I carry. In case I or someone with me does need to be warmed I carry two specific items. The first is a silver space blanket to wrap someone in, these are very compact and lightweight and can be found at most sporting goods stores. The other item I carry is a flint with striker. I carry one on the off hand chance that someone will need a fire to regain their body heat, lighters might get wet and not work. Another item that no one should be without is a basic first-aid kit. Just putting some gauze bandages, medical tape and pain relievers in a zip lock bag is better than nothing. The last and possibly the most important thing in my pack is an emergancy whistle. In the worst senario you may not be able to get back to your vehicle due to a sprained knee or god forbid a broken leg. Three short blasts means someone is in need. Hopefully this is one item that you never have to use but I carry one every time I hike, fish or hunt.

  There will be days I carry a few more items than what I have listed here but these are the essential items that will always be in my pack.  

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