excited for the weekend, sort of. by Tyler

November 3, 2017

excited for the weekend, sort of. by Tyler

                                                                                                                Excited about the weekend, sort of….

Now that it’s winter and I’m more of the weekend warrior type, spending more time talking about fishing than actually doing so. I start to get pretty antsy around Thursday night or Friday morning if the weather’s looking prime. And up until yesterday morning the weather was in my favor. 45 and sunny!? yeah I’ll take that! But as I lay in bed this morning, delaying my day and checking the weather, just certain that the information they posted yesterday was some kind of joke or a huge mistake, I came to realize it was not. Winter is in full effect. My perfect Saturday has now changed to a blustery 29 and cloudy, probably snowy now to just to top it all off. Thanks mother nature, always looking out. But rest assured, I’m going. I only have 2 more episodes of Stranger Things left and I plan on knocking those out tonight.So what now? I mean I literally have nothing better to do. After my years of attempting to be the single largest contributor to a hospital, I put the snowboard away. So, I guess it’s time to unload the big stuff and start carrying around a box of midges and what not. Life could definitely be worse, I still get to fish. Ten fingers, ten toes you know? And there’s also a couple upsides to this weather. I mean, most of the Jerry’s will all be off trying to kill something this time of year so I don’t have to drive too far to find open, unoccupied water. And shoot, once you've found one fish this time of year you rarely have to go much further. They all party together in the same big ol’ slow holes. Maybe a tasty little riffle here and there if the sun peeks out. And well, I just happen to know where a couple of those places are.Even though the weather has changed, they gotta eat. And I'll be there to feed them, rod in one hand, whiskey in the other. To those bored/dumb enough to get out this weekend, good luck.

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