Finding Whitefish in Trout Infested Waters

July 7, 2018

Finding Whitefish in Trout Infested Waters

We’ve all been there. You make a good cast, get a good drift, the water erupts into an unfitted fury of fishy fulmination or you rip that streamer into an explosive eat and before you know it you have a damn trout in your hand. Lamentably, those rascally trout eat big dry flies all summer long, leaving a miniscule window of opportunity for head hunting for whities. These days it is becoming more and more difficult to sift through trout eats and find white fish. I wish every day that I enjoyed catching big trout on streamers and dries, but I just can’t bring myself to find the joy in it. Finally, after tirelessly working my way through the trout in one final attempt to find white fish, I made the executive decision to change my tactics.

My first move was to step back and watch what other people were doing. I sat on the bank I watched bobbers dropping everywhere, coming tight to the weak quivering fight of a Yellowstone Whitefish. This was the inspiration I needed. It was right then and there, that I decided to drop everything our guides had taught me. I needed to make like most Montana tanglers and bust out the bobbers and bead heads. Before I knew it, I was tying into whitefish cast after cast. It was a whitefish rodeo and everyone was having a great time. What a day!

Maybe one day I’ll learn to appreciate trout again. But for now, I’m putting the dry flies and streamers away. Those methods are just too damn affective for trout, after all who wants to target the bountiful fish that thrive in our cold waters.

I’ll leave you with a few final tidbits to get you started on your whitefish crusade:

·       Tight line nymphing is a good method

·       Tenkara can be effective

·       Tiny flies

·       Tricos

·       Bobbers and beads

Lets also keep in mind whitefish smoke and eat really well! For anyone who wants, we are more than willing to ship your possession limit of 40 (20 Daily) fish anywhere you want! Additionally, the record is only 23” and 5.11 pounds.

Go get ‘em folks, the whities are waiting,


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