Fishing with Fido in the Summer Heat by Johnny Mac

July 6, 2013

Fishing with Fido in the Summer Heat by Johnny Mac

 We have reached that point in the year when the summer sun and high temperatures can take their toll. Not only on us but our four legged freinds as well. Our dogs will be affected by the sun much faster than you or I. Here are some of the things I've tried so my best freind can fish with me thru the high heat.

 Most of us are carrying a cooler of adult beverages in our boat. A couple ice cubes as a treat can dramatically lower your dogs internal temperature. I will carry a small bowl for water with me and add ice cubes to it. Now Thompson's eyes light up every time I open the cooler.

An item we all have at home that I carry in the boat is a towel. Don't grab a new one, your better half may get mad. After dipping it in the river, I will lay it over the dog like a horse blanket. Your dog may not like having something on its back at first but you'll be suprised how fast they realize what your trying to do. If your dog really doesn't want to be covered it helps to just put the towel down for them to lie on.

 The easiest way is to do what you or I would do. Pull over for a few minutes and jump in. A few minutes of playing fetch in the river is the best cure for a hot dog. 70 degree water is a big relief from 90 degree air.So remember that when you start to feel overheated your dog is feeling even worse. Any one of these methods will help keep your furry freind by your side fishing all summer long. Good luck and tight lines.

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