Flutterbug: Goldenstone Variation by Johnny Mac

May 23, 2013

Flutterbug: Goldenstone Variation by Johnny Mac

First of all this is a variation of Eric Paulson's Fulutterbug.  It's tied in the same way as the Salmon Fly pattern but I changed the size and colors to a Goldenstone representation.  Fishing a Goldenstone during the heat of the Salmon Fly hatch can produce great results and this pattern can basically be fished all summer long.  

Thread: Danville 210 Flat Waxed Nylon in Yellow

Hook: Dai-Riki #270  size 10

Abdomen: Rainy's Small Float Foam in Yellow

Wing: Natural Woodduck

Body & Head: Elk Body Hair in Yellow

Legs: Sili-Legs in Yellow & Black Barred

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