Gear Review: Douglas Outdoors Fly Rods By: Will W.

August 3, 2017

Gear Review: Douglas Outdoors Fly Rods By: Will W.

Douglas Outdoors is a new company to the Troutfitters crew, and to the west as a whole. Designed just south of Syracuse, NY, Douglas fly rods are just now entering Western markets; and they are gaining ground rapidly. Douglas has stepped into the market with 7 different rod models, including switch, spey and 10' models to compliment their 4 traditional rods. The DHF from Douglas starts at 169.00 and casts every bit like a 400.00 dollar rod. its medium-fast action allows for any level angler to cast the rod with ease, and the price point is very easy on the wallet. On the other end of the spectrum is the Douglas Sky. Starting at 695.00, it's hardly a steep price to pay for a premium level fly rod, it definitely is worth the price tag. The feel of this rod is only able to be understood by casting it yourself; and while I could tech out on resins and graphite quality, there really is no need. In my opinion, the 6wt is the best, but they taper each weight rod a little differently to allow the caster to have the most line-weight-specific feel (your 4wt actually feels like a 4wt) as possible. 

Douglas also has a lifetime warranty on their fly rods, and their turn around time for us has been around 2-3 weeks. You'll be back up and fishing the rod within the next 14-16 days generally. 


For any questions on Douglas fly rods, or any other inquiries, drop on by the shop or give us a call at 406-587-4707.

Keep em wet anglers, 


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