Hot N Ready by Alex R.

July 24, 2017

Hot N Ready by Alex R.

Fields are being cut and we hear that familiar chirping in the grass, it’s evident that hopper season is setting in. With the Tall Grass and high sun that means summer is here, making our water Hot and Ready like Little Ceaser’s. Hoot Owls taking affect after 2pm are more than just a friendly reminder to give our rivers a break. The urge to chase big bugs is hard for a fly fisherman to pass up, so here are couple suggestions to both help yourself get bent as well as keep our trout swimming strong.

Getting out early is the most important key to summer fishing. Although our nights this year haven’t been the coolest, cooler evening temps give trout relief and bring water temps down slightly. However this year has been a challenging one, with our summer evenings not quite getting cool enough the trout aren’t quite getting the relief they need. Targeting water out the hoot owl area is your best bet this time of year, as the water on the lower reaches of any river is the first to heat up. Carry a thermometer even while fishing above the Hoot Owl and take good readings keeping the thermometer close to the bottom for at least a minute. If water is 70 degrees or higher, let them be!

Heading further up to the headwaters of our rivers will yield cooler temps as you get closer to the mountains. Tributaries also provide cold water sources where they meet with our bigger river are great spots to target as well in these summer months.  Fish will hold in the coldest water they can find this time of year, where there a slow deep pool offering thermal refuge or a fast moving riffle providing lots of oxygen and cool water are likely water types to find fish when the dog days really set in. (Carp fishing is also a great option this time of year).

Although the water is warm this year, the fish are still active and healthy. We can keep them that way by proper handling and timely fighting of fish in order to reduce lactic acid build up in their bodies.

For the latest on Hoppers, Hoot Owls, or any questions you may have give us a call!

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