New RIO Powerflex Plus Tippet by John McPherson

March 19, 2016

New RIO Powerflex Plus Tippet by John McPherson

  Over the past weekend I had a chance to finally fish some of RIO's new line of tippet. Their new Powerflex Plus impressed me. They were able to up the poundage considerably while managing to keep the diameter exactly the same as original Powerflex. 

  Usually in life, to gain something you must give something up. This is true for Powerflex Plus. To increase the tippets breaking strength the line is slightly stiffer than regular Powerflex. I didn't have an issue with this because the Plus allowed me to size down my tippet. Where I would normally be fishing 3X, I was able to fish 4X. Original 4X is 6.4 lbs. while the new tippet is 7.5 lbs., while remaining .007 inchs. The 3X tippet is now strong enough to use for streamer fishing. It now comes in a whopping 9.5 lb. test. I did noticed a difference between the two line when tying knots. I didn't have to use as many wraps as I would with Powerflex. You do want to cinch your knot slower because of the tippet being a little stiffer. 

  Overall I was impressed with the new Powerflex Plus. I will be doing a lot of my nymphing with it. Now I will be able to use 5X and 6X tippet with much more confidence that it will hold up to the fight from a Missouri River Rainbow.

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