Oh Beautiful Carp, How I Love Thee

May 19, 2010

Oh Beautiful Carp, How I Love Thee

Every year May rolls around, the weather warms up, and then all of a sudden our once clean and well fishing rivers begin to blow out, and the rivers that are clean get flooded with people and boats, and what do I do? I curl up in a ball and cry... no wait, actually I head for creeks and lakes and pursue the everlasting beauty of... Carp!

I've devoted my Tip of the Month to explaining some of the intricacies of carp fishing, and you'll surely enjoy the little tidbits in there even if you have fished for them before.

For some people, carp fishing is something to turn your nose up at and declare as a \"redneck, whitetrash\" waste of time, to you I say, exactly! I am after all just a Montana redneck with a high end rod and reel out pursuing trash fish in muddy ugly areas, but hey I don't want to see you out there either buddy.

I mean, how can you not love carp fishing? It's usually in less than clean areas, usually isn't pristine or beautiful (although it can be), it's usually uncrowded for good reason, the fish are huge, the fish are smarter than trout, they eat trout food, they will chase and eat streamers on occasion, so I say why not embrace these misunderstood creatures!

But in all seriousness, if you haven't given carp fishing a try, do. If you like streamer fishing, you'll love carp fishing. I promise.
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