Product Review: Chocklett’s Game Changer Chenille

January 5, 2017

Product Review: Chocklett’s Game Changer Chenille

 It has been a number of years now since the birth of the Gamechanger. I love articulated flies and started tying these as soon as I saw the pattern. Over the years I have used many different types of materials to tie them. Everything from the original material, CCT Body Fur, to nothing else but feather. The latest material to cross my tying table is Chocklett's Gamechanger Chenille. I instantly liked this new material with the first palmer I made onto a shank.

 The original CCT produced a great fly but the material does have a couple drawbacks. It can be shaped into a super realistic looking baitfish but it takes a lot of trimming to finish a fly. Sometimes I would spend a half hour or more trimming to get the look and shape I wanted. This is valuable tying time in my opinion. The less I have to trim each fly, the more of them I can produce in a tying session. Another aspect of this material that I didn't like is that it tends to hold water like a wet sock. After casting a 5 inch fly made of nothing but CCT for a few hours wears out my arm.

In the short time that Chocklett's new material has been available it has become one of my favorite to tie a Gamechanger. With CCT I always had to make sure it layed down on the shank a certain way, not anymore. With Gamechanger Chenille I have noticed that it doesn't matter if the material flip flops while I'm palmering. Usually when this happens the result is a bald spot in your fly, but with the new chenille I haven't had this problem. I also really like the length of this chenille. When I'm tying a streamer that will be around 5 or 6 inches I haven't had to do any trimming on the finished fly. This lets me tie more flies! This chenille also works well with others. Since it doesn't really matter which direction it lays down you can use it to make complex twists. Schlappen feathers and Aqua Vail twist perfectly with Gamechanger Chenille to let you be more creative with your streamers. The Twisted Changer I have pictured has two complex twists in the head. This lets me add size to the profile of my fly as well as adding more color and flash.

 I have a feeling that Gamechanger Chenille is going to become an ingredient in more of my streamer patterns. Lately I have tried to keep my flies as simple as I can and this new chenille is a great material to help you keep a tie simple. If you want to try this stuff out or just ask a few questions about using it, stop by the shop to pick our brains. All of us are more than happy to help you advance your tying.

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