Remember to stay hydrated! by Johnny Mac

August 27, 2014

Remember to stay hydrated! by Johnny Mac

 In the high elevation area that we are blessed to live in it is very important to drink water every day. Last night while fishing I experienced what happens when you forget to stay hydrated. After work I headed to the Gallatin for some evening fishing. I had hiked and fished my way downstream about a half mile from my access point when it happened. Right in the middle of stripping my streamer back in I experienced one of the worst calf cramps ever in my life. My calf muscle knotted up like a softball. The muscle tensed up so much my foot locked in position couldn't move it. I spent the next five minutes on the ground massaging my leg just so I able to move my foot again.

 The cause of my extreme cramp could have been avoided. I had woke up feeling very tired after going to bed way to late. To keep myself awake at work I drank nothing but coffee and tea. The caffeine did its' job great and kept me going all day at work but was the worst thing to have before hiking and fishing.

 For someone my size it roughly takes 3 full Nalgene bottles of water a day to remain hydrated. This sounds like alot but spread over the course of a day it really isn't. Also, this amount is for a day that I don't exercise. On those days I need to up my intake to 5 bottles. There is an easy formula to find out how much you should drink each day to maintain your hydration. Take your body weight and divide it by half. The number you are left with is the amount of water in onces you should drink. You can also have a couple silver bullets since it's mostly water.  

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