River Friendly Floatant that Works Great by John McPherson

June 29, 2017

River Friendly Floatant that Works Great by John McPherson

 This year a new line of floatants were introduced that I have been testing out. It's called High N Dry. Two of the three people that started the company are chemists that hold over 100 U.S. patents between them. They used their knowledge of chemistry to make a floatant that contains no CFC's, solvents, and doesn't put anything harmful into the river.

 Over the past month I have been testing their line-up for the shop. I was amazed at how good it works! There are four different products you can use. They are Gel Floatant, Liquid Floatant,Powdered Floatant & Desiccant and Powdered FLoatant with Applicator Brush. To tell you the truth I have barely used the Powdered Floatant & Desiccant or the Powdered Floatant with Applicator Brush because the Gel Floatant and Liquid Floatant work so good!

 For my smaller dry flies like caddis and mayflies I have been using the Gel Floatant. A day that I was fishing the Firehole River in Yellowstone Park  I put some Gel Floatant on a double dry fly rig of a White Miller Caddis and a Purple Haze when I first got to the river. I spent 6 hours on the water catching fish and never did anything else to my flies to keep them afloat. I was even doing a pull mend to get the flies into position for the right drift. All day long, everytime I pulled the flies they would go just under the surface but as soon as I stopped the flies popped right back up to the top.

 I just had the same great results this past weekend while fishing the Salmon Fly hatch. For bigger bugs like these I am using the Liquid Floatant. You dip your whole fly into the bottle, which is the same size as a dessicant bottle with a large opening, to coat your bug. I didn't shake off the excess, I just went right into fishing. My Salmon Fly floated like a cork all day long for a 24 mile float on the Upper Madison. The next day I went for a wade on the Gallatin for its' Salmon Fly hatch. When I got to the river I just pulled my rod out with the same fly already rigged from the day before. I wanted to see if it would still float good without recoating with the Liquid Floatant. Again, it rode like a cork the entire afternoon.

 I am going to fully switch over to High N Dry. Not only because it floats a bug great but also because it is putting any harmful chemicals into the river. I highly recommend trying a bottle of these new floatants.      

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