Salmon Fly Update #1 2018

June 8, 2018

Salmon Fly Update #1 2018

We're happy to announce that the salmon flies have arrived in Southwest Montana!  They've been out over on Rock Creek and the Henry’s Fork for a few days but this past week we saw a few of them pop on the Big Hole River! 

The flows on the Big Hole are dropping and clarity is at about 4 feet on the river. On Monday, we saw the first few salmon flies beginning to emerge on the river. We have been fishing #4 Pat's rubber leg stones or big mega princes under a salmon fly dry and the fish have been crushing the salmonfly nymph fished tight to the willows and banks. There have been a few fish looking up, but that means any day could be the best of the year. We think that the hatch will progress the next few days in the Melrose area. Get ready to throw #4 dry flies and watch explosions on the surface! As always, once you’ve heard about a good salmon fly hatch its probably passed the best fishing, so get there now!

We've seen a few salmon flies and golden stones out on the Lower Madison but it really hasn't been enough to call a hatch.  The hatch has been pretty spotty the last few years but that doesn’t mean you wont get a few fish looking up.  There is a preponderance of yellow sallies and other small stones as well! The water is high so the fish have been reluctant to look up, but if you want to try and find a few surface feeders, pick your favorite chubby dropper rig and let em have it!

Rock Creek is dropping slowly and beginning to clear!  Salmonflies are all the way up the Creek at this point with the warmer weather over that way. The warm weather has accelerated the hatches so don’t wait or it will be to late!

Salmonflies to have right now are Cat Pukes, dog pukes, GH Water Walkers, Sofa Pillows, flutter bugs, and chubbies in the copper color. 

Nymphing Bitch Creek’s, Yuk Bugs, Rubberlegs, mega princes, and San Juans is a good bet if you’re on foot.



Jake Walbridge

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