Salmon Fly Update #1 of 2016!

June 8, 2016

Salmon Fly Update #1 of 2016!

We're happy to announce that the salmon flies have arrived in Southwest Montana!  They've been out over on Rock Creek for a few weeks but this past weekend we saw them pop on the Big Hole River!  The hatch has been far from typical this year with salmon flies popping off from Pennington Bridge all the way up to Sportsmens fishing access at virtually the same time!  The fishing was subpar over the weekend but we've heard reports of fish looking up more and more every day.  

Your best bet will be to head up high as we've heard that the fish in the lower sections are starting to become gorged and haven't been as active as the fish that are just starting to see salmon flies.  You'll also run into PMD's and golden stones out there right now so be ready with a full dry fly box.  Throwing PMD's and golden pattens while there's a bunch of salmon flies buzzing around can be very effective as the fish sometimes appreciate a smaller meal with all of the high calorie bugs flying around.

We've seen a few salmon flies and golden stones out on the Lower Madison but it really hasn't been enough to call a hatch.  We're definitely keeping our eye on the Lower, it's usually the next river to see salmon flies on after the Big Hole.  We'll let you know when we hear something!

Rock Creek has salmon flies hatching up above Gilles Bridge and dry fly fishing has been pretty bonkers in the evenings.  It's still running pretty high (not unusually high for this time of year) so be careful when wading out there!

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