Salmon Fly Update #2 - 2018

June 14, 2018

Salmon Fly Update #2 - 2018

Salmon Fly Update #2 June 14th, 2018

Everyday we are getting closer and closer to Salmon flies busting on our local Bozeman streams!

Big Hole – The Fish are keyed in on the big bugs over on the Big Hole. The dry fly fishing has been solid above Jerry Creek, and with flows dropping, the surface action has been picking up from Divide down as well. The salmon flies have been anything but predictable this year. They seemed to have all popped at once and then they got knocked down by the cold weather. Now they seem to be acting more normally and progressing up river. Working a dry dropper rig close to banks and in the pockets is a good method to go with. With the bugs having been around for over a week now, fish are starting to get weary of patterns. Getting out early and late with the real big flies will induce more eats. During the heat of the day, down sizing slightly or even fishing a golden stone pattern can be a more consistent producer.

Rock Creek – The Salmon flies have been here for a while now, and they are starting to peter out. That being said, fish are still looking up. Try a smaller fly or a red fly such as an Amy’s Ant, these will produce better for those fish that have seen other patterns. Mornings have been the best time to pitch around the big flies. The entire river is seeing bugs at the moment.

Yellowstone Park – The east side of the park is still full of water and dirty. The West side of the park however is fishing great. The Firehole is seeing some salmon flies, and the fish have been eating the big bugs just fine. Mornings and evenings have been the best but afternoons have been more consistent with dropper nymphs. The canyon stretch down in this area has been the best place to find fish eating the big flies. Work the soft water, drop offs, and boulders. Don’t be afraid to add a little motion to the fly as sometimes this will induce a strike. If you have ever seen a salmon fly on the water, you know they don’t sit still!

Lower Madison – The big bugs have not made a big appearance over here in the last few years. This year is no exception. That doesn’t mean you cannot catch fish on a big chubby dropper rig. Put on your big copper chubby and drop a crayfish and hold on tight.

Upper Madison River – There haven’t been any reports on the upper Madison as of today. The water is clear and lower, but it is still running cold. Keep an eye on the temperatures, next week could be the week if we have warmer days! The nymphs were starting to move toward the banks with the warm weather yesterday, but its supposed to be cold and rainy the next few days so that may slow the hatch down for the time being. There have been a few guys talking about fish eating bobbers, so it might be a good time to put on a big dry and take advantage of the pre hatch feeders!

Gallatin – The Gallatin is fishing really well. The fish are eating the big rubber legs which means the adults are not far off. There have not been any big bugs flying around yet, the water is still really cold. However, as the water drops and things warm up around here this will be a place to keep an eye on!

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