Salmonfly Fever

June 9, 2010

Salmonfly Fever

There's one time of the year that I get really jazzed to sit down and tie up big ugly dry flies - Salmonfly Time. Although it's probably defined on a calendar differently in different parts of the country, for myself it's easy to define - it all starts on or around my Birthday... June 25th.

Now, is it a coincidence that my day of birth coincides with the emergence of this species of special concern to trout in freestone rivers? Nope. Just ask my dad, he didn't plan it that way I'm sure, but he can tell you - I was born to fish the Salmonfly hatch (it probably ruined more than a few of his, but when I got old enough I was on the water, every year, for Salmonflies!)

It's something I just don't miss out on and so when my daughter was by all doctor accounts going to arrive very close to my Birthday I wasn't a bit surprised, from one generation to the next so to speak - it was my turn to experience what it's like to have a kid during \"The Hatch.\" I lived through it and I'm here to tell you that I didn't miss it that year, not last year, and certainly won't be missing it this year. It's one of those hatches that no matter how much it gets overhyped and overcrowded, I still manage to find some joy in pitching black and orange size 2 and 4 monstrosities on the end of 0x tippet...

My favorite 2 rivers for pitching Salmonflies in the world are the Madison and the Big Hole, maybe it's because I grew up on them, maybe not, who cares. Year in and year out they have the big bugs, the hatch whether sparse or thick is going to attract as many fishermen as fish, and so I don't have the river ever to myself, but when you get in a thick hazy zone of Salmonflies and beer, who cares, it's all good and the usually there's a few bruisers that come eat a dry for you which makes it all worth it.
So this year, I have to admit I'm sitting here watching high dirty water and dreaming of a little reprieve if only for an afternoon to go pitch some \"Dry Junk\" to some big browns and maybe just maybe pitch a few streamers while I'm at it...

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