Summertime Streamer Fishing

July 17, 2010

Summertime Streamer Fishing

There are very few things that I willingly and happily get up for before 5am for in life, and one of those is fishing, and I'll let your imagination wander on what the others might be... Every year summer rolls around and I start to get the itch to get out fishing as the weather warms, the sun comes out to visit, horribly strange tan lines begin to get established, and the trout start to get hungry after a couple of months of runoff... The only downside is that during the middle of the bright sunny days, fish just aren't coming up to chase a streamer 10 feet from the bottom of the river when there is so much other food in the water column that is more readily available to them.

So what do you do? I mean I have to get the fix or I go nuts, nymphing has been the staple for the last 4 months or better now and I'm over it at this point in the fishing season - spring provides some relief for the addict, but really the right after runoff dropping and clearing makes for some great streamer fishing, but if you miss the window as the rivers are still raging the mid day streamer fishing can be tough. Solution: get your @$$ out of bed early and get on the water when the light is low and the fish are still feeding up in the shallows and chasing baitfish and sculpins. There aren't a whole lot of folks willing to do this, so I don't feel like I'm revealing the Holy Grail, and really, 5am on the water isn't for everyone.

What's waiting for you on the river at this time is some of the funnest fishing of the day as big browns will hang up in the shallower water along the banks chasing baitfish and sculpins and feeding readily on your sloppily presented large hunk of meat that you're crashing the shoreline with. The unofficial sponsors for these events are typically Verizon who provides my wake up at 4 something in the wee hours, then McDonald's if you're lucky and someone is around before 6, and usually a random beer company by 11 or so after fishing for 4 or 5 hours without stopping... Yeah I love summer streamer fishing, it's just that getting up thing that you have to get over!

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