The Fishpond Burrito

June 12, 2018

The Fishpond Burrito

The past weekend had weather for all seasons! Fishing a lake in the park after hiking down from the Divide was a ton of fun though!. Heading down the trail (8262 feet!) in snow and strong wind I wasn't too sure how it would fish but at least there would be no mosqitos! I started without waders but had them on by the time I hit the boggy river edges and still got to the lake in good time. It was a chance to fish a pink Cheech Leech for lakers and browns. (Remember its barbless and single hook for the park if heading in with articulated patterns...).

Even with the cold, wind and white water waves the fishing was exceptional. I do love getting out on the local lakes, particularly after ice out and while the run off is in full swing. After a couple of hours I'd had a number of fish and finished with a super nice brown from the edge. Heading back I kept my waders on for the snow and sludge. Even though it was all uphill I was grateful for them and the brew up back at the car.

Wet and muddy, cue the new Fishpond "burrito" bag. It was awesome to be able to quickly get changed on the attached mat and then throw wet muddy boots and waders into a well thought out bag. Keeping the car tidy and dry is an absolute bonus and I can see it as a useful firewood carrier during camping trips and this coming winter. This might be my new favorite bit of kit! Check it out.

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