The Fly Shop Experience by Phil Churchill

June 15, 2016

The Fly Shop Experience by Phil Churchill

When I first started fly fishing in Colorado I quickly learned that no matter how much I read or talked about the sport nothing beat the learning experience of getting out on the water. Another thing I learned was how much I dreaded going to my local fly shop because of how I got treated by the staff. The environment and staff didn’t cater to the novice angler and quite frankly they just made me feel stupid when I would ask an honest question.

When I moved to Montana I couldn’t wait to get out and start exploring all the different watersheds that southwest Montana has to offer, but I was also nervous to go into the local fly shops and walk out ten minutes later feeling incompetent. Thankfully, that wasn’t my experience when I walked in to Montana Troutfitters. I was kindly greeted when I walked through the door and I explained to them that I was new in town. Instead of walking out of the shop disheartened, I was optimistic that I would find trout after the staff schooled me up on the local rivers I wanted to visit.

Flash forward almost four years and I am one of Troutfitters newest sales associates. You might be asking yourself why I would tell you this story. Too many times I’ve spoken to other anglers and they feel the same way about their local fly shop. Shop staff and guides are lucky to have the ability to turn new anglers on to the sport of fly fishing and they should foster that privilege.

I love the fly fishing community and I want every person that walks through the Troutfitter’s door to have the same positive experience that I did. To us it doesn’t matter if you have been fishing our local river for 40 years, or you and your family are up for the week visiting from Texas, I hope you’ll come in and visit us so we can talk about the passion that drives us outside.

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