The Fly Tester

September 25, 2014

The Fly Tester

If you've been in the shop recently and seen some guys standing around what looks like a fish tank, oohing and ahhing, you've likely seen The Fly Tester.  A new product from Flymen Fishing Company, The Fly Tester is essentially an acrylic fish tank with a 12\" tube to channel water, and a water pump on the other side.  It gives you the opportunity to test streamers, dry flies, and nymphs; although the streamers are what this thing is really meant for.  

When creating flies there is always the time from when the fly comes off your vice 'till it gets tied on your rod and fished.  Unfortunately,  that experiment you came up with four beers deep at 2 am at your tying desk often times just doesn't work in the water.  The Fly Tester gives you the ability to look at things such as fly proportions, movement, and hook orientation, BEFORE you head to the river.  This gives you the ability to fine tune your patterns prior to fishing and not wasting the time tying multiple flies and color combinations just to find out the fly just flat out stinks in the water.  

There is a great video HERE on using the Tester.  The units come with everything you need to get testin flies, and will cost you $285.  We are happy to order them for you upon request but better yet, feel free to come down to the shop and test out whatever frankenfly you've been twisting up on the old vice!

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