Product Review: The LOOP Booster by Johnny Mac

May 17, 2013

Product Review: The LOOP Booster by Johnny Mac

 I was in need of a new rod to streamer fish. I thought about what rod I should get and decided to go with a new rod from Loop. The Booster 8'8\" #9 Pike rod really caught my attention. At a length of 8'8\", it's a little shorter than I was used to fishing streamers but it's a great length for fishing from a boat or if your fishing some smaller streams.

The action is full flex so it reminded me of the feel of the rods I grew up fishing, but on steriods. This was before the era of super fast-action rods. Slow down your cast and feel the rod load. It is a versitile rod that you can throw shorter 20 ft. casts but has the power if you need to get a 60+ ft. cast off. Once you get the timing down you'll notice how smooth this rod loads and unloads. It has a good backbone for fighting a big ugly Pike but is soft enough to give you a worth while fight from a 15 inch trout. As I like to fish Mouse patterns a lot, I needed a rod that would throw a big fly that catches a lot of air. The Booster can toss a big mouse in tight spots with a tight loop. Another plus was that at the end of the day my arm felt like I had been casting a #7 rather than a #9.

Another feature I liked was the mixed-cork handle. No matter how wet or slimey my hand got I still had a good grip on the rod and its position in my hand didn't move.  

So if your thinking of getting yourself a new streamer rod keep the Loop Booster in mind. Stop by the shop and we can go out back and cast one.  

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