The Tale of the Tire Eater

November 13, 2015

The Tale of the Tire Eater

     This past Tuesday turned out to the best snow storm so far this season.  Knowing that the weather was going to be cold, wet and miserable fishing around here, Justin and I made plans to fish the Missouri around Craig.  The forecast up there was for low to mid forties and occasional sun; much nicer than here!  We started off from here and drove the storm and in some places it looked like the snowplow drivers had gone on strike.  Instead of a two hour trip, it turned into a three hour trek. 

     Making a quick stop at Wolf Creek Angler for flies and a shuttle, we headed to the dam. On the road we saw what appeared to be a chunk of ice that fell off a truck.  Justin swerved to avoid it, but hit it with a trailer tire.  Was it an ice chunk, NO!  It turned out to be a huge rock with sharp edges disguised as an ice chunk, but really a tire eater.  Arriving at the ramp, the excitment of being the only ones there settled in but at the appex of that excitement the dishearting feeling of realizing that tire eater had claimed a victim set in.  The right rear tire was flatter than a pancake with a huge gash in the side wall.  One would think that would be the end of our troubles, but no.  As Justin was changing the tire and trying to put the spare on, the realization that the rim that the spare was on did not fit the trailer set in.  The tire shop, that will remain nameless, that sold Justin his spare put the tire on the wrong rim!  At this point, another boat showed up and seeing our predicament suggested that we talk to the local mechanic in Craig.  The Mechanic was great! Eventhough he didn't have a spare trailer tire, he did realize that we still had both tires and swapped the new tire off of the bad rim to the rim with the flat tire.  He had a great way of eplaining life experiences; \"Life is like sliding down a bannister bare-bottomed.  You pick up a few slinters along the way and by the end, you look like a porcupine.\"

     Tire fixed and back on the trailer, we unloaded the boat and started fishing.  The first run we hit, I stuck one and we figured the rest of day was going to be good.  Unfortunately instead of patchy sun, all the clouds burnt off and was brite sun the rest of the day.  I tried swinging a run and the only fish I saw out of that was two rainbows five feet downstream feeding on all bugs that were kicked up.  Each of us hooked one more fish the rest of the day.  Fishing was definatey not what we expected!

     Fishing trips never go as expected, there is always something that occurs that is unplanned.   Being prepared for those instances will save you many headaches and keep you on the water longer.  Eventhough the spare was on the wrong rim, we were prepared for a situation that we experienced.  It does show another important aspect; check the rim to make sure it fits your trailer.  Although you may have similiar expeirences or have already, a day out on the water is not always about fishing but about the experience.  There is always a good story to be told whether you catch fish or not.

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