Tips for Fishing in Heavy Wind by Johnny Mac

June 28, 2013

Tips for Fishing in Heavy Wind by Johnny Mac

 One thing we deal with on almost a dailt basis in Montana is WIND! Here are a few things you can try to help deal with the \"W\".

 First is trying to use the wind to your advantage. Try to position yourself so your rod is on the downwind side of your body. Also try to quarter your cast accross the wind. Having your rod on the downwind side will keep your fly away from your head. If you can find the right angle to cast accross the wind it will sometimes help carry your line out.

 Another trick is to use your surroundings. A high bank or a tree line can be used as a wind break. You may not have a lot of room for a back cast, so make sure you have been practicing your roll cast. These are also spots that will still have bugs on the surface to keep dry fly fishing. Even on the days that the wind is blowing at 40 mph+, a good high bank can sometimes block almost all of it.

 My final tip is to step up the size and weight of your rod. If the weather permits streamer fishing; big, weighted flies can cut thru the wind much easier. If you don't have good conditions for streamer fishing you can still throw a dry fly on a # 7 or # 8 weight rod, especially bigger dry flies like Salmon flies or Chubbies. Your accuracy will suffer casting a dry fly on a big rod. to compensate for this, cast farther upstream and past your target. Once your fly is on the water mend it back into position. Good luck and tight lines.

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