Tis the Season..Hopper SZN!!!  By: Will W

July 20, 2017

Tis the Season..Hopper SZN!!!  By: Will W

Well, it's July 20th, and know what that means... hopper season is right on the front step! For a few weeks this time of year there are grasshoppers flying around a penny/dozen. Millions of hoppers fly as you walk through fields and along riverbanks. This translates to some really fun dry fly fishing. Check out some of these tips and tricks to step up your hopper fishing game. 

Methodology: Grasshoppers hatch in the plains, and so they fall under the category of terrestrials, along with beatles and ants. A hopper is best fished from 6 to 36 inches from the bank on a windy day, as the wind blows real hoppers off the banks and into the water. Twitching your hopper is not a bad call either, especially later into the prime hopper seaon. Once the fish have seen hoppers for a few weeks, they become wary and key in on motion; if your dead drift isn't producing, give that fly some life! 

Gear you might just need: 

        High N Dry Liquid Flotant: This is a flotant that we all stand behind at Troutfitters because of its ease of use and functionality. It's also all natural, so no more dumping lighter fluid and mucilin in the river (fly-agra-- if you have some, keep it, you may need to start a fire sometime). One dunk in this solution and your flies will be floating all day long! 

        Rio Powerflex Plus Tippets and Leaders: Powerflex Plus is a much stiffer material that has a higher poundage per x rating. This disallows big foam flies to spin in the air, and the stiffness of it doesn't knot or spin up as readily as other tippets and leaders. For foam flies, we reccommend 3X; and with smaller flies such as caddis, pmds, and ants, 4x should suffice. 

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