Troutfitters Holiday Gift Guide

December 13, 2018

Troutfitters Holiday Gift Guide

With the mercury dropping and ol man winter asserting his presence, it must be holiday time around Bozeman. Fly fishers can be a little hard to shop for, so we hope this holiday gift guide will be a big help.


Gift Certificates available by phone or in store. The perfect gift for those hard to shop for fisherman.

Stocking Stuffers <$50.00


Troutfitters Sili Pint $11.00

Sili Pint Cups are the ultimate boating, camping, and fishing cup, They’re made of silicone and are just about indestructible.  A customer and Troufitters’ crew favorite.


Fly Vines Bracelet $11.99

Bracelets made from recycled fly line, what’s not to like? A perfect stocking stuffer for any fly fisher.


Fly Vines Dog Leash $19.99

The perfect gift if you just so happen to know a fly fisher in Bozeman who owns a dog, or five.


MFC flask $29.99

Winter fishing can be cold, but that’s where the MFC flask comes into play. With tons of art to choose from, these flasks never last long in the shop.


Yeti 20 oz Tumblr $29.99

You’d be hard pressed to find a guide without one of these in their cup holders. They keep your beverage of choice hot or cold for hours and feature the Troutfitters logo.


Dr. Slick tool set $39.95

This high quality tool set from Dr. Slick includes scissor clamps, nippers, and a zinger. A great gift for someone just starting out in the fishing world, or the experienced angler.


Souple Fly Bug Visor $39.99

Save the interior of your fishing rig by putting one of these Velcro patches on your visor. They hold a ton of bugs securely, and are a great way to store flies, along with dry them out after a long day on the water.




Patagonia Gear Tote $49.95


The Patagonia Gear Tote is a great option for storing just about anything from wet wading boots, dirty gear or whatever else clutters up your trunk.





Patagonia Graphic Tech sun shirt $55.00

Patagonia did a great job of combining function with fashion on this shirt. Super-fast drying, 50+ Upf sun protection, with a brown trout on the back.


Patagonia Duck Bill Winter Hat $59.00

Wind and water resistant, the perfect winter and spring hat for when the temperatures starts dropping.


Patagonia Shop Sticker Sweater $65.00

A simple, good looking sweater made from mostly recycled materials. Warm and stylish.


Plan D Fly Box $69.99

Plan D really revolutionized the tube fly/ stinger hook box with this one. The last tube fly box you’ll ever want, or need.


Kast Steelhead Glove $79.95

100% waterproof and submersible, windproof and breathable. The ultimate winter glove.


SA Anadro Fly Line $79.95

 SA makes some of the best fly lines on the market and this line is no exception. A long high vis taper makes nymphing and streamer fishing much easier.


Fly Wheel Fly Display $89.95

One of the most unique fly displays ever made, very durable foam and a rotating reel handle. A great gift for the fly tyer that has everything.


Rio In touch indicator Fly Line $89.99

Its no secret that nymphing is the name of the game most of the year in Montana, and this line excels at just that. Built with Rio’s ultra-low stretch connect core and a powerful front taper to cast indicator rigs along with a long body and back taper for stability at range, and for ease of mending.


Fish Pond Summit Sling Pack $99.95

A fantastic pack for the price with a lifetime warranty, this sling would look great under the tree. Fishpond has made a name themselves by making the best fly fishing products possible, and this pack is no exception.  



Echo Gecko Fly Rod $99.98

A great rod for any kid or the kid in you. Don’t let the low price tag fool you, this is one of the most fun rods out right now.


Yeti Rambler Half Gallon Jug $99.99

From mixed drinks to hot chili the Yeti Rambler Half Gallon Jug has got you covered. Twist off non slip lid, magnetic lid holder and a handle for ease of transport.





Rising Brookie Net $129.00

The last net you’ll ever need. A nice deep rubber basket and a flask in the handle! Available in a variety of colors.


Fishpond Thunderhead Waterproof Sling $199.95

This is, in our opinion, the greatest sling pack on the market today. Incredible carrying capacity, extra rod holder, easily accessible net holder, and fully submersible. This pack is definitely worth the price, especially considering the lifetime warranty.


Korkers Wraptr Wading Boot $199.99

Full one piece construction make this boot just about bombproof. Built for the fly fisher that is willing to go the extra mile. These boots come complete with rubber and felt interchangeable soles to fit all your traction needs.


Renzetti Traveler 2300 Vice $220.25

From starter vice to expert vice, the Renzetti traveler covers it all. A shop favorite and our best-selling vice. Comes in base or C-Clamp models and is true rotary with a material clip.


Patagonia River Salt Jacket $349.00

This jacket has been a staple in Patagonia’s fish lineup for six years now, and for good reason. From hail storms on the Upper, to 35mph gusts on the Lower, this jacket has your back, literally.


Nautilus Xl Max $395.00

Designed for lightness, strength, smoothness and speed. Carbon fiber and Teflon sealed drag system, with three frame sizes to cover all your fishing needs. Available in two to nine weight.



Winston B3LS 4 & 5wt.  $795.00 …$477.00 On Sale!

This is quite possibly the best dry fly rod ever made. Winston is about to celebrate its 90th anniversary, this one has been the gold standard for the last ten. Winston rods don’t go on sale often, and when they do they do they tend to go quickly.



Patagonia Rio Gallegos Zip Waders $599.99

The toughest waders on the market. Built with Patagonia’s H2No technology, you’ll be staying dry for years to come. Full waterproof zip front, 4 layer upper and lower sections and removable knee pads. Perfect for the fly fisher who wants the ultimate waders.


Renzetti Master Vice $729.99

Best all- around vice on the market. The last vice you’ll ever buy. True rotary ratchet and holds hook sizes from #28 to 10/0. Justin King’s all-time favorite vice, for good reason.

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