Twisted Angel Skater- Salmonfly

May 22, 2013

Twisted Angel Skater- Salmonfly

James' Twisted Angel Skater- 

I like patterns that ride low in the water. This pattern was designed on the 700 B hook that has the forty five degree angle so that the majority of the bug rides subsurface while the rest rides up top and can be skated and popped like you would a mouse.


Thread: 210 denier black or orange

Hook: Dai-Riki 700 B size 2


Tail: Brown Goose Biots

Thorax: Black and Orange Angel Hair mixed together and tied in and Twisted with hackle pliers until it’s like a rope and wrapped up body.


Wings: The under wing is Mottled Brown Web Wing   and overwing is Black Widows Web

Abdomen: Twisted Angel Hair, and Black 4mm Foam pulled over the top.



Legs: any tan or brown rubber legs

Head: Angel Hair twisted and wraped around Black Hi-Vis Foam Ant Body that are used as eye and a stabilizer to keep it floating right and wake a little more water.


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