Where are the Big Bugs???

June 16, 2012

Where are the Big Bugs???

So the answers to the question that everyone always wants to know: 
Where are the Salmonflies???

Big Hole - The bugs are on the Big Hole, we floated 26 miles of it yesterday and there are adult shucks and goldenstone shucks as high up as Jerry Creek, good numbers of bugs around Dewey and through Divide Canyon and on down to Melrose. The hatch seems to be tapering off and fishing less prodcutively down lower and up higher - that was on Friday, the bugs move a few miles a day, I would imagine by next week there will still be plenty of good Salmonfly fishing on the Big Hole around East Bank and on down to Divide, probably won't be worth chasing them below Melrose anymore though.

Madison - Big bugs came off a week ago on the Lower Madison between Warm Springs and Blacks Ford, not in any big numbers but a few bugs here and there - then within the next 48 hours they bumped the flows over 2000CFS and the weather dropped 30 degrees, that spelled the end of things more likely than not on the Lower for the Salmonflies. They have been eating Goldenstones out there fairly well, so don't skip this just because the orange ones aren't out, they will eat the Chubby. The Big Bugs likely will be here and there through Beartrap Canyon, but that hatch hasn't been what it used to be for the last decade or so. I would expect to see the pteronarcys flying up around Ennis in the next week to 10 days, so stay tuned.

Gallatin - This is clearing up and likely will see a good fishable Salmonfly hatch on it this year, look for some bugs to start appearing sometime in the next week or so here.

Yellowstone - Should be the year to be able to fish the big ugly bugs as far down as the Bird Float this year. Things are looking to be fishable on the Yellowstone shortly, guys are already on the river, everyone has a personal feeling on the flows, below 13K for me is fine if you're a good oarsman. The big bugs will usually start popping around the same time they do on the Gallatin and Madison (roughly) so we'll be looking for them over here within the next few weeks... 

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