Bighorn River

August 20, 2017

Fishing Conditions

August 20, 2017

 The flows have been cut over the last week. This did affect the fishing. The first three miles have been tough from the change in the water temperature. It has been better to put in at Three Mile and float down from this point. The mornings are are the time to fish midges, the fish are sipping them of the surface. The Trico's are out but the change in the flow definately changed the hatch. The nymphing has been decent during this time of change but you will have to deal with weeds and grass. You will have to clean less of it off your flies if you fish the insides of the river turns, the current will push most of it to the outside of the turn. 

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Fly Pattern Suggestions

Dries| Parachute Trico: 18-20-22, Hackle Stacker Trico: 20, Drowning Trico: 18-20-22, C-UM Spinner Trico: 20-22, Henry's Fork Black Caddis: 16-18, Adult Spent Caddis: 14-16

Nymphs| Mega prince 12-6; Rubber Legs 12-6; San Juan Worm (assorted colors and sizes) Hot Bead Ray Charles Tan & Pink: 16-18 Spring Creek Scuds Pink & Orange: 16-18 Wilcox's Green Machine PT & Chart: 16-18 Black PT: 16-18 Batwing Emerger BWO: 16-18 Hunchback Crystal Pearl: 16-18 Copper Bead Mayfly: 16-18 Curtis Thunder Creek UV Emerger Rust: 16-18 Tailwater Tiny Rust: 16-18

Streamers| Woolly Bugger Black: 6-8, JJ Specials 4-8, Silvey's Sculpin, Natural, White, Black: 2 Sex Dungeon Yellow, Black, White: 2 Flash Fry Minnow White/Gray:4 Bennet's Lunch Money Shad: 2 Galloups Flat Liner Gray/White: 2 Baby Gonga Tan/Yellow: 6

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