Bighorn River

June 23, 2017

Fishing Conditions

June 23, 2017

Flows have been consistently now at 9000 cfs but reports have been fair from over this way. Fish are eating the standard fair of nymphs including worms, scuds, sowbugs, midge pupa and Baetis nymphs. Fish the edges or medium-current spots near islands. A few midges and Baetis have been popping, but very few fish have been rising. Check the soft eddies and back waters to find a few heads. The lower river below Bighorn Access is fishable.  There are not to many shad spilling over the dam any more. You may still dead drift gray and white streamer patterns with a ray charles behind to find those fish who are still willing to give out that residual bite.  The key will be getting your bugs deep throughout the day.  10 foot leaders with some heavy split shot will be necessary until the evenings when fish have been moving into the shallows to feed.  Red San Juans, scuds, and sow bugs have also been catching fish. Streamer fishing can be good when weather systems move through. Try black and white and if those dont work, try gold and silver. Keep changing your patterns until you find what the fish are looking for.

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Fly Pattern Suggestions

Dries| Comparadun BWO: 18-20-22, Extended Body BWO 18-20-22, Griffith's Nat: 16-18-20, Bat Wing Emerger: 18-20

Nymphs| Mega prince 12-6; Rubber Legs 12-6; San Juan Worm (assorted colors and sizes) Hot Bead Ray Charles Tan & Pink: 16-18 Spring Creek Scuds Pink & Orange: 16-18 Wilcox's Green Machine PT & Chart: 16-18 Black PT: 16-18 Batwing Emerger BWO: 16-18 Hunchback Crystal Pearl: 16-18 Copper Bead Mayfly: 16-18 Curtis Thunder Creek UV Emerger Rust: 16-18 Tailwater Tiny Rust: 16-18

Streamers| Woolly Bugger Black: 6-8, JJ Specials 4-8, Silvey's Sculpin, Natural, White, Black: 2 Sex Dungeon Yellow, Black, White: 2 Flash Fry Minnow White/Gray:4 Bennet's Lunch Money Shad: 2 Galloups Flat Liner Gray/White: 2 Baby Gonga Tan/Yellow: 6

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