Gallatin River

April 23, 2019

Fishing Conditions

April 23, 2019

The flows have jumped from 500cfs to 1500cfs and things have quickly changed.  Due to warmer temps and rain, most feeder streams are pumping mud into the Gallatin which makes fishing a little challenging.  Walk wading becomes a little more dangerous not being able to see where you're stepping not to mention the water is moving much faster.  Fishing conditions conditions are a little tougher but success can still be had fishing the cutbanks, tail outs and slack waters.  If nymphing, keep it simple with a stonefly pattern or bugger in front of  a pheasant tail, hares ear, copper john or worm.  This could be a decent time to bring your streamer game to the  Gallatin.  Before the water changed color, white/natural patterns were the ticket, give streamers colored black or olive just creating the desired silouette to entice that fish.  Keep in mind, the further down into the valley you venture, the river becomes muddier and more difficult to manage.

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Fly Pattern Suggestions

Dries: Griffiths Gnat: 16-20, Purple Haze: 12-18, Matts midge: 18, Adams Para Wulff: 14-18,

Nymphs: Delektable Hurless: 4-6, Mega Prince: 4-6, Mega Hare's Ear: 6-8, Pats Rubber Legs: 6-10, Pheasant Tail: 14-18, Copper John Blue, Black: 14-18, Lightning Bug Silver, Original, Gold: 12-14-16, Bubble Back BWO: 16-18, El Diablo: 14-16-18, Tungsten Purple Burger: 12-14, Wire Worm Pink: 4, Military Mayfly: 18-20-22, Little Green Machine: 18-20-22, Little Spanker: 12-18, Hares ear: 12-18, Zebra Midge: 18-22

Streamers: BH Black Bugger: 2-4-6, Black Krystal Bugger: 6-8, Sex Dungeon Black, Olive,: 2, Home Invader Black, Yellow: 2, Black/Copper Zonker: 4-6, Sculpzilla Black, Olive, White: 2, Micro Zonker Grey, Brown, Black: 8, Bellyache Minnow Tan: 1-1/0, JJ Special: 6-8, Yellow/Brown: 4, Cheech Leech, Halloween: 1

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