Stillwater River

August 21, 2018

Fishing Conditions

August 21, 2018

The Stillwater is running at 807CFS and water temperatures are climbing in the afternoon. If you do head out this way, fish it in the mornings when the temps are still low. This will also be the best fishing of the day. Colder nights will help drop water temperatures in the weeks to come. Always be careful floating and wading this river even at these flows,  have an experienced helmsman on the oars as eddying out can be difficult at times.  This water is still pretty high, but fishing has been good. The fish are starting to look up and eat things like hoppers, ants, and beetles. A purple haze can be a great option out this way as well. During the midday sun and heat, it will be wise to put a dropper like a pheasant tail or a hares ear under a bigger fly like a hopper, chubby, or water walker. 

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Fly Pattern Suggestions

Dries: Purple Haze: 12-18, Renegade: 16-18-20, morrish hopper: 8-12, chubby Chernobyl: 8-16, water walker: 10-18,

Nymphs:Soft hackle Pheasant Tail: 16-18-20 Mega Hare's Ear: 6-8 Mega Pheasant Tail: 6 Mega Prince: 4-6-8 Mr Rubberlegs Brown Stone: 6-8 Copper John Yellow, Blue, Red, Lime: 12-14-16 Lightning Bug Pearl, Gold, Silver: 14-16-18 Purple Berger: 14-16 Crystal PT Pearl, Rust: 14-16-18 , Wire Worm: 6

Streamers: Sparkle Minnow and articulated Sparkle Minnow; JJ colors (brown/yellow) JJ Specials Black ,Olive Sex Dungeon: 2 Black Home invader: 2 Black, Olive Dolly Llama: 2 CH Bow River Bugger Black, Brown: 2-4-6 Stinger Sculpin Tan, Olive: 4 Silvey's Sculpin Black, Olive, Tan: 2 Flash Fry Whitefish: 2 Bling Minnow Pearl & Gold: 4, Baby Gonga: 8

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