Upper Madison

June 23, 2017

Fishing Conditions

June 23, 2017

 The entire length of the upper river has great color and clarity. You can fish it from Quake Lake to Ennis Lake. The morning hours can yield some good streamer fishing but it begins to taper off around 11 o'clock. There are tons of Sedge Caddis on the river. The fish are sporadically feeding on them in the middle of the day. The late afternoon and evenings have more fish feeding on the surface when the highest number of caddis are out on the water. Some of the fish are starting to look for Golden Stones. Speaking of stoneflies, the Salmon Fly hatch is in the town sections of the river and starting to move toward story ditch.  We'll keep you updated on their progress. With the cold weather in the forecast, the hatch could slow for a few days but the fish are looking up.

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Fly Pattern Suggestions

Dries| Midge Cluster: 16-18, Spider Midge: 18-20, Matt's Midge: 20-22-24, Challenged BWO: 16-18-20, Brook Sprout BWO: 16-18-20-22, C-UM Spinner: 16-18-20, Purple Haze: 12-14-16-18, Para Wulff Adams: 14-16-18, Elk Hair Caddis: 14-16, HFH Caddis: 14-16, Missing Link Caddis: 14-16

Nymphs| TB Bruised Baetis: 18-20, Lightning Bug Purple or Silver: 16-18, Killer Mayfly Nymph Olive or Black: 18-20, San Juan Worm: 6-8-10, King Prince:12-16, Coppertone: 6-8, Pat's Rubberlegs: 6-8-10, Copper John Black and Blue: 16-18-20, Dirty Bird: 12-14-16, Serengold, Olive: 14-16-18, Crawling Caddis: 16-18 Hotwire Caddis:12-16

Streamers| Smoke N Mirrors Cream #4, Sparkle Minnow Smoke #4, Complex Twist Bugger White Size #4, Sex Dungeon Rust, Yellow, Black: 2 Silvey's Sculpin Black: 2 Conehead JJ Special: 2-4 Home Invader Yellow, White: 2 Zonkers White, Olive, Natural/Copper: 4-6, Double Screamer Streamer Olive/Black: 2 Circus Peanut Olive: 2 Sculpzilla Black, Dark Olive: 4-8, 2 Dolly Llama white, 8 Baby Gonga white

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