Yellowstone Park Waters

June 22, 2019

Fishing Conditions

June 22, 2019

 The Firehole and Madison are the two rivers the are producing some good fishing for the start of the season. The Firehole has the dry fly fishing already going, a dry/dropper rig will target both the fish feeding on emergers and sipping bugs on top. The areas around the geysers are getting steady hatches of Western Sedge caddis with the beginning of the PMD's. At breakfast the caddis are out, went the day finally warms around 10 o'clock the PMD's will start to emerge. The only thing affecting the fishing is if a thunder storm rolls through and stops fishing until it passes. PMD emergers and soft hackles are getting just as much action as the dry flies. The Madison is just beginning to get it's dry fly bite. More fish in this river are still targeting nymphs, stoneflies and mayflies. Clear afternoons and evenings are getting a hatch of olive body Hydropsych Caddis. The northeast corner of the Park is still in run-off and may take a couple more weeks to get into shape. 

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Fly Pattern Suggestions

Dries: Elk Hair Caddis/ Tan, Gray: 12-14-16, Snowshoe Caddis/ Tan: 14-16-18, Comparadun PMD: 16-18-20, Brook Sprout: 16-18-20, Chubby/ Olive, Golden: 12-14-16, Tilt Wing PMD: 16-18, Hackle Stacker PMD: 16-18

Nymphs: Green Machine PT: 16-18-20, Rootbeer Float PMD: 18-20, Batwing Emerger PMD: 16-18, Military Mayfly: 16-18, Pat's Rubber Legs/ Olive, Black, Brown: 8-10-12, BH FB Pheasant Tail: 12-14-16-18, Hare's Ear: 12-14-16-18

Streamers: Zonker/ Tan, Pearl, Black: 4-6-8, Lil' Kim/ Silver: 4, Dirty Hippy/ Rainbow: 2

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