Yellowstone River

August 23, 2019

Fishing Conditions

August 23, 2019

 Be ready for full terrestrial season! Ants, beatles and big foam hoppers! Don't head to this river without your favorite hopper patterns. Some shop favorites are morrish hoppers, triple deckers, fat alberts and thunder thighs. A hopper dropper rig is pretty tough to beat and will pick up fish throughout the day. One aspect of droppers that is easily overlooked is the sink rate. For example if you are running a rubberlegs under a hopper or chubby be sure to pinch a small split shot onto your tippet. Play around with your nymph or dropper rig depth until you find the sweet spot. Tungsten beadhead nymphs also help get your fly into the proper depth.  When the high sun comes out midday focus on the faster water and inside buckets and ignore the slower deep slack water. Fish will be holding in the more oxgenated riffles right now. In the evenings keep an eye out for caddis hatches. Tricos have also made an appearance on the stone, if you can see those small little dries fish em! Fishing has been pretty slow in the morning, but has certainly started picking up around 10am. 

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Fly Pattern Suggestions

Dries: Morrish Hopper: Tan/Yellow 6-10, CFO Ant Red/Black: 12-16, Amy's Ant Olive/Red: 10-14, PMX Royal: 8-10, Griffiths Gnat: 16-18, Matts Midge: 18, Purple Haze: 16-18, Purple Para Wulff: 16-18, Adams Para Wulff: 16-18, CDC Emerger Pink: 16-18, Chubby Chernoble Tan/Black/Pink: 8-10

Nymphs: Copper John Black, Blue: 16-18, Rubberlegs Coffee, Turd: 6-8, Delektable Brown Stone: 6-8-10, Mega Prince: 4-6-8, Prince Nymph: 14-18, Pyscho Prince Purple: 14-16, Pheasant Tail: 12-18, Hares Ear: 12-18, Nymphicator: 12-16, Batman: 12-16, Purple Berger: 12-14-16, Tungsten Sunkist: 14-16-18, Olive Soft Hackle: 18-20,

Streamers: Big Black & Articulated... Silveys Sculpin Black 2, Eric's Jealousy Black 2, Lawn Mower Black 1, Natural Copper Zonker, T&A Bunkers Olive/White, Rainbow & Whitefish: 2 Swimmin Jimmy Rainbow: 2 Sex Dungeon White, Yellow: 2 Fathead White, Yellow, Olive, Black: 2 Silvey's Sculpin Natural, black, olive, silver:4 Circus Peanut tan, olive, black: 4 Lawn Mower yellow, white, olive: 4 Game Changer rainbow, white: 4 Erics Jealousy yellow, black, white: 4 Sculpzilla black, natural, olive, white: 4-6 Mr. Creepo black, tan: 6 Craven's Dirty Hippie: 4 JJ Special: 4-8 Belly Ache Minnow Natural, Olive:4-6, Baby Gonga: 8

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