Missouri River

June 20, 2018

Fishing Conditions

June 20, 2018

The Mo Bumped again back up to 14,100 CFS.  This is a big level on this river, which allows the option of either doing a long float if you do not want to stop or a short float if you want to get out and wade a bit. The fish are holding in a variety of places. In turns they are on the inside bank, and in the straight aways, they are on both banks. If you're standing on the bank make your cast about 15 feet off the bank. As usual islands are a great place to get out and work for fish if you want to do some wading. The PMD's have arrived! The fish are still relatively reluctant to look up but in a few select areas, you will find heads. Look for soft water. For consistent fishing, fish these in the nymph and emerger patterns until there is more surface action. Wire worms are a great point fly at this flow as well. Drop a rootbeer float or a tungsten bruised PMD beneath it and work the soft water. The streamer bite is very minimal, a few fish are curious but not many will fully commit. The Dearborn is dropping. Its fishable below the confluence. The water on the MO is crystal clear up near the dam. The fish are holding deep and feeding heavily in the mornings. As the afternoon sun gets high and bright, the fishing slows down substantially. Get on the water early or in the evenings for the most effective fishing. 

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Fly Pattern Suggestions

Dries: Hi-Vis Paramerger Adams: 18 Purple Haze: 18-20, Ex. Body PMD: 18-20, Wild Turkey Baetis: 18-20-22, Tilt Wing PMD: 18-20, CDC Biot Dun PMD: 18-20, Midge Cluster: 16-18-20, Matt's Midge: 20-22, Z-Lon Midge: 20-22

Nymphs: Mighty Mo Soft Hackle Pink: 16-18, Micro Mayfly: 18-20, Military Mayfly: 18-20, RS2's grey, black, olive, light cahill: 16-20, Juju PMD: 16-20, Red Head Stepchild: 16-20, Indigo Child: 18-20, Rainbow Warrior: 16-20, Green Machine: 18-22, IED Worm: 6-8, Wire Worm: 6, Short Wing PMD Emerger: 16-18, Hot Head Scud: 16-18, Ray Charles (tan & pink): 16-18, Sow Bug: Dark or Light Hares Ear: 16-18, Tung. Tail. Sow Bug Rainbow: 14-16, Clouser Crayfish: Olive, Tan, Drk Turkey: 6-10

Streamers| Bling Minnow Pearl, Gold: 6, Sparkle Minnow Sculpin 4-6, Zonker White: 4-6, Jawbreaker White: 1/0-2, Home Invader White, Black: 2, Bellyache Minnow Fire Tiger: 2, Flash Fry White: 4, Micro Zonker: 8, Natural and Copper Zonker: 6-8, Kreelex (gold/silver, black/red): 6, Articulate Sparkle Minnow: 4, Baby Gonga: 8

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