Missouri River

August 9, 2022

Fishing Conditions

August 9, 2022

The Mo is fishing well, tricos are still coming off in insane numbers and the fish are on them. To hit this hatch best, it is best to start fishing at sunrise because this is when the tricos and fish are the most active. August on the Mo is technical, fishing is as good as you are currently. Especially with the use of sz 20-24 tricos with 5x and 6x. Hopper fishing is also starting to get hot over here, target the banks, undercuts, and seam changes when hopper fishing. The fish on the Missouri river are very smart because they see so much pressure so make sure to twitch your hopper because it can really make a huge difference. If you want to throw droppers behind your hopper, try a sz 16 rainbow perdigon, sz 20 sunken trico, sz 16 two bit hooker, sz 18 purple death's and sz 16 green machines. If you are heading up towards the Mo, try floating/fishing between holter dam and mid canon. The water below mid canon is too warm to fish for trout as the water temps up at the dam have been in the high 60's.

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Fly Pattern Suggestions

Dries: Sz 10-14 Thunder Thigh Hopper, Sz 8-12 Panty Dropper Hopper, Sz 6-14 Morrish Hopper, Sz 16 Delektable Flying Ant, Sz 16 Hi-Viz Foam Ant, Sz 22 Hackle Stacker Trico Female (Morning) and Sz 20 Male (evening), Sz 20 Pearl Butt Trico, Sz 20 Downed Trico.

Nymphs: Sz 14-18 Two Bit Hooker, Sz 16 Purple Deaths, Sz 18 Midges, Sz 14-18 Various Perdigons, Sz 14-18 Unweighted Tailwater sowbug, Sz 16 Ray Charles, Sz 16-18 Pink Softy.

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