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September 22, 2022

Fishing Conditions

September 22, 2022

Canyon Ferry - Carp bite is good, although they are getting more and more spooky as summer comes to a close.

Hauser/Holter -  One of the best places to be currently. Nymphers are slaying fish scuds, tailwater sows, midges, tricos, and perdigons. If it is a sunny day, focus more on small flashy streamers and white flies. If it is cloudy throw black or olive flies. And do not be afraid of upsizing if you are not getting hits.

Hyalite- The creek is fishing well currently per usual. The lake is an excellent option currently as well. Fish a purple haze or any attractor in the creek. Fish a wooly bugger or a balanced leech in the lake.

Cliff and Wade- Not a whole lot of fisherman right now. Which can either be awesome, or terrible. If you were in this area, use a dry dropper in the lake. Use some kind of callibaetis or chubby and behind it throw a chironomid or pheasant tail. 

Quake Lake - Fishing has been decent over here

Hebgen- Try a balanced leech

Harrison Lake - Try a balanced leech or chironomid. If you see fish rising, try a parachute adams or purple haze.

Ponds Around Town -  The bluegill and bass bite can be nice on warmer days. This is a great place to bring beginners or kids for some fly casting and setting practice, or just a good ego booster.

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