Spring Creeks

October 14, 2017

Fishing Conditions

October 14, 2017

The Baetis have been out and about, especially on the cloudy afternoons. From about 1-4 has been the peak of the hatch. The mornings and evenings have had good hatches of midges which should continue to grow in number. Try to target these little bugs on days without wind.  This is a good time of year to fish dry flies all day. Nymphing has been alright as well. If you are going to nymph it up the bite has been best with tail-water bugs like scuds, sow bugs but also have some small mayfly nymphs ready to go. Small leeches have been fishing well as well. Dont be afraid to twitch them by the undercuts.

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Fly Pattern Suggestions

Dries| Z-Lon Midge: 20-22, Matt's Midge: 20-22-24, Para Midge: 20-22, Midge cluster: 14-16, Renegade: 18-20, C-Um Spinner BWO: 16-18-20, Ex. Body BWO: 16-18-20, Purple Haze: 16-18-20, Tilt Wing BWO: 16-18-20, Brook Sprout BWO: 16-18-20-22

Nymphs|CDC Biot Midge ,Purple Midge Pupa,Dirty Rat, PT softie, Pink Softie, S&M Nymph Brown and Olive: 16-18 Little Green Machine Chart and PT: 18-20, Silvey's Crystal Baetis Nymph: 16-18 Pearl PT: 16-18, Pearl Lightning Bug: 16-18, San Juan Worm Red: 8-10, Split Back PMD: 16-18-20, Tailwater Tiny Rust and Olive: 18-20-22, Hogans Slow Guy PMD: 16-18 Hunchback Scud Pink, Rainbow Tan, Olive, Gray: 16-18, Ray Charles Pink: 18-20 Floss Worm Red and Pink: 10

Streamers|Black or Purple Bugger,Super Bugger Tan or Black, Micro Zonker Tan & Brown: 10 Mini Minnow Tan & Olive: 4 ConeNan The Barbarian Black & Olive: 8 Home Invader Black: 2 Swimmin Jimmy: 8 Bling Minnow Pearl and Pearl/Gold: 6 Guida's Mirrored Minnow Gray, Olive, Barred: 6

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