Montana Troutfitters shop dog and welcoming commitee, "Shem". Shem is named after a spring creek in South Carolina and is five years old. Shem's number one passion besides cheetos is chasing ducks and geese, but in the off months you can find him holding it down in the back of many driftboats. This dog would walk 1,000 miles for a butt scratch so be sure to give him a little love when you swing on through.

Chad Buckridge

Hailing from Colorado, Chad “Bucky” Buckridge and his wife, Carrie, moved to Bozeman 5 years ago.  On life’s journey to Bozeman, Chad dabbled as a professional golfer, international ski-marketing manager and boat builder/painter at RO Drift Boats.  With all of this change, one thing remained, fishing.  As a young child he was lucky to have a grandfather place a fly rod in his hand and a father instill within him the passion to wake up before dawn and get on the water.  This has always been a constant and favorite pastime.  When not in the shop you’ll find (or not find) Bucky and his Border Collie, Murphy, sneaking around little creeks in town or walking the banks of all our amazing local water.  Please say hello when you see him!  

Alex Rundella

Growing up in New Jersey, Alex was exposed to a considerable amount of Pennsylvania's wild brown trout fishing. Participating in TU's youth programs, as well as becoming a member of the US Youth Fly Fishing Team in 2013 allowed him to fish all over the east coast due to competition and TU camps. Alex moved to Montana 2 years ago to attend Montana State University and fell in love with the west. When Alex isn't in the shop he can be found on any of the small tributaries in the area.

Tyler Mills

Growing up in Illinors Tyler knew one thing, he had to move west. Settling down in Colorado, Tyler developed his obsession for fly fishing. After being told about Bozeman he moved up here just two weeks later, and the rest is history. If you can't find him in the shop he is most certainly standing right in the middle of the upper or lower Madison, chasing carp, or sitting at the vice spinning up bugs.

Phil Churchill

Phil grew up on the Front Range in Colorado and was introduced to fly fishing in high school but didn't grow passionate about it until his early twenties. Phil served in the 82nd Airborne Division for five years and is now attending MSU studying Business Administration. When Phil isn't in the shop you can find him floating the nearby rivers with his black lab “Shem,” chasing carp, tying streamers and volunteering with Warriors and Quiet Waters.

Will Wilshire

Will has grown up in Bozeman for all of his life. He was introduced to fly fishing by his dad at a very young age and grew to love fly fishing and all it has to offer. His earliest memory of fly fishing is on a small creek with his dad and twin brothers catching rainbows on his first rod; a 6 foot Temple Fork 2wt. His favorite fish include musky, brown trout, and anything else that will take a fly. Will plans to take a gap year and move to Central America before returning to Bozeman to go to school at MSU to study engineering. 

Grant Grigsby

Grant grew up on a farm in North Central Montana, where he learned to love the outdoors.  He attended Montana State University in Bozeman where he took a fly fishing class as a freshman and has been hooked ever since.  Grant soon turned his hobby into a lifestyle and spent all of his free time fishing.  He graduated college with a degree in education which has translated very well into his guiding technique.

 "I love guiding people because I like to give them the same enjoyment and passion that I have for fly fishing."

Scotty H.

Scotty has been fishing in south-central Montana for over 30 years.  While growing up in Billings, MT, his father taught him to fly fish in the Beartooth Mountains and the upper Yellowstone River in the "The Park."  In the 1990's, he attended Montana State University and happened to find an apartment in the basement of longtime Bozeman outfitter, Dave Kumlien.  Not long after, he learned how to tie flies in Dave's shop, Montana Troutfitters, and developed a passion for fly fishing that has lasted well beyond his college years.  Scott has extensive experience fishing the greater Yellowstone region and is well versed in Montana history and culture.  He is happy to share his experience with clients of all backgrounds and experience levels.  Scotty enjoys many outdoor activities with his family around Bozeman and is a rabid Montana State University football fan.

Chaz Hart

Chaz moved to Bozeman in 2006 and has spent nearly all of his time since then fishing the waters around Bozeman and Southwest Montana.  A graduate of Appalachian State and a Virginia native, he felt the call of the west after spending two summers in Colorado and one in the Yukon.  In his opinion there is no better place to spend a day than on a river. Having worked as a whitewater guide he loves rowing a boat and enjoys the challenge of "fishing with the boat" and teaching new anglers the art of fly fishing while also showing seasoned anglers new waters to fish. Chaz has been fly fishing since 2002 and his love for the sport continues to grow every year. In the off season Chaz enjoys big game and upland bird hunting, fly tying, rod building and of course, fishing.  

Bert Horsely

Bert is originally from Virginia, where he spent his time fishing for trout and bass in the southwestern part of the state and the Appalachian Mountains.  One visit to Montana and he never looked back, now spending his free time fishing the waters of southwestern Montana and Yellowstone National Park.    He loves being able to share the excitement of fishing with others and expose them to all this sport has to offer.​​ Along with fishing, he also enjoys tying and spends a good deal of time doing so throughout the winter.  Bert lives in Belgrade with his wife Rhiannon and two daughters, Hayden and Delaney.  Along with fishing he loves time with his family enjoying the outdoors and pleasures of living in Montana. 

Jake Walbridge

Jake grew up in Michigan where his first experiences with a fly rod were off his fathers back at the age of one year old. Jake's earliest memories of fishing came a few years later around the age of 5 when he caught and landed his first few brown trout on a dry fly. He has been chasing trout for 19 years in Michigan and has been traveling to Montana for 12 years to fish its famous streams.

When he picked up a map of Montana and saw the Gallatin, Madison, Yellowstone and countless other rivers surrounding Bozeman, he slowly broke the news to his family that he would be attending Montana State University after high school. Jake has been working at the shop for a few years now and will be splitting time working at the shop this summer as well as guiding for us. He's one of the fishiest guys we know and is a very easy going guy! 

Satoshi Yamamoto

Satoshi Yamamoto brought his passion for fly-fishing and fly-tying from Japan to Montana and became the first ever Japanese guide in Livingston. He fishes and guides big rivers like the Yellowstone and Madison, spring creeks in our area, and various waters in Yellowstone National Park. He’s a great guide with any skill level and he loves passing on his knowledge and tactics.  Satoshi is probably the only guide in the area that can translate the complicated mood of spring creek fishing in both English and Japanese. Satoshi is an innovative fly-tyer as well. He’s a fly-designer for Montana Fly Company and Pro Staff at Regal Vise. His fly-tying interests vary from tiny midges to 5-inch streamers and anything in between. Satoshi loves to take his new patterns out and test them on local waters. Satoshi maintains his blog,, to share his fishing experiences and his fly designs. Satoshi earned his Masters’ in Animal Science from Montana State University and he’s also a professional cattle breeder when he’s not guiding.

“Fly-fishing guide and cowboy in Montana are synonymous for me; being independent and working very hard with professional pride. That’s THE Montana Life.” – Satoshi’s life motto 

“I fish through you” – Satoshi’s guiding motto

Justin King

Justin and Lisa King are the owners of Montana Troutfitters.  They are committed to the fly fishing tradition Montana Troutfitters has established since the beginning in 1978.

Justin King has been fishing the waters of Montana since he was born.  He grew up on the banks of the Missouri and has spent countless hours on the rivers around Bozeman.  You will find Justin in the shop (when he is not fishing!) ready to pass along his vast knowledge of the waters and products Troutfitters has to offer.

Justin and Lisa have two fish crazy children, Arley and Jasper, who are already practicing their casting.  They will be out fishing their parents in no time!

John McPherson

John Is originally from Rome, New York. A small town near the Adirondack Mountains.  His parents must have known something he didn’t because they would let him take opening day of trout season off from school, as long as his grades were good. Little did he know that when he first picked up a fly rod in his mid-teens that fly fishing would be his life’s passion. At 24 he found himself in Yellowstone Park, a fisherman’s paradise. After guiding and living in the park for almost a decade he decided to give civilization a try again. Bozeman was the obvious choice. He then, and still does build drift boats for RO Drift Boats. After a number of years away from the public side of fishing he thought he might give it a try getting a position at Montana Troutfitters.

He never thought that picking up that first fly rod would take him so far. Stop on in sometime and say hi to our good friend "Johnny Mac."

Jake Adelman

Jake grew up in Maine where his father taught him to fly fish at age five for bass and brook trout in the rivers and lakes in Maine.  Jake moved to Hawaii with his family for high school and spent his free time deep sea fishing, surfing, and occasionally chasing fish with a fly rod around the east shore flats on Oahu. Jake moved to Bozeman to attend Montana State University and recently completed his Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing.  Fly fishing and hunting are to blame for his extended stay at MSU.

When Jake isn’t working in the shop he can be found fishing the local waters or during the fall you can find him in the field bird hunting or chasing elk with bow and arrow.  

Jake is now the General Manager here at Montana Troutfitters and he hopes to utilize his Marketing degree to help grow Troutfitters while maintaining the atmosphere that has made this shop so successful.  

Chris Bury

Chris has spent the past 15+ years playing in the rivers and mountains of southwest Montana.  You’ll find him outside rain or shine, and with at least one of his dogs by his side.  As a native of Wyoming, Chris was fishing by the time he was 6 and fly fishing and tying by 14.  You’re likely to find Chris at his ‘honey hole’ (although no one really knows where that is) or exploring new waters.  Chris will tell you that presentation starts at the vise and ends in the net, he's a great teacher and will get you into plenty of fish!

Lisa King

Justin and Lisa King are the owners of Montana Troutfitters.  They are committed to the fly fishing tradition Montana Troutfitters has established since the beginning in 1978.

Lisa King spends most of her time at the shop working behind the scenes; however she loves to spend time on the water when she can.  Lisa has a M.ED in Environmental Education and Certificate of Leadership and Administration. 

Justin and Lisa have two fish crazy children, Arley and Jasper, who are already practicing their casting.  They will be out fishing their parents in no time!

Gary Behrent

Gary Behrent's Montana roots run five generations deep in a family that knows hard work and persistence.  Learning the basics of fly fishing from his father and grandfather, Gary has taken that knowledge and continued to push the envelope on the finer points of fly fishing.  After guiding in Alaska for several summers, Gary's heart was called back to Montana where he belongs.  Gary has a profound love for fishing, hunting and the outdoors, a passion second only to the love he has for his wife and son.  Whether you are a seasoned veteran of fly fishing or brand new to the sport, a kid (or just a kid at heart), time spent on the water with Gary will be cherished for a lifetime.

Dave Kumlien Outfitter #281

Dave is Montana Licensed Outfitter No. 281. He started guiding fly fishermen in the Bozeman area in 1975 as a guide for the Beaver Pond Sport Specialists, and in 1978, he started Montana Troutfitters. Dave ran his business for 20 years and sold the shop in January 1998.

Dave feels blessed to have a wonderful family and to have the opportunity to live and work in beautiful Bozeman, Montana, in the heart of the finest trout fishing in the world! And he admittedly introduced his son to his fly fishing addiction at a young age, and is proud to be the outfitter of record for Montana Troutfitters some 30 years later for his son Kristopher the GM.

Rick Matney

Rick grew up in Northeastern Washington near the Canadian border where his father owns and operates Three Lakes Fly Fishing. Having grown up with a fly rod in his hands and a passion for the outdoors, Rick has been fortunate enough to have traveled all over the world in search of finned quarry. Whether it's 50 MPH sailfish off the coast of Panama or dime bright steelies all over the west coast, Rick brings a unique level of energy to everything he does. When not working, he's fishing and chasing after his favorite fish - giant browns on streamers... Rick operates Chromechasers in Alaska where he hunts for steelhead and he heads up our Jet Boat Trips as well as being an excellent camp cook on our extended trips!

With a mind for conservation and a special place for trout in his heart, Rick is an advocate of preserving all the finned creatures of the world that we all long to chase.

Ron Stafford

Ron grew up in Winchester, Mass. and acquired his love for fishing from his dad and older brothers. In 1971 after serving in the Air Force, he moved to Bozeman and has been discovering the areas fantastic lakes, rivers and creeks ever since. Ron has a degree in Fish and Wildlife Biology from MSU and a Doctorate in Vet Medicine from Colorado State, practicing Vet medicine in Bozeman for 25 years. Married to his high school sweetheart Barbara for 44 years, Ron enjoys his 3 children and 8 grandchildren. Ron enjoys sharing his knowledge of Southwest Montana's geological and cultural history as well as the area's year-round fishing opportunities. Ron is a longtime friend and one heck of a fisherman who is always on the water trying his luck with a few trout.

If you fished well over 150 days a year, lived semi-retired in Bozeman, Montana and shared a passion for catching fish every month of the year, then you'd be Ron Stafford!

Ashby Bell

Ashby Bell moved to the Bozeman area from the spring creeks of Southern Pennsylvania in 1999. He is a graduate of Montana State University where he studied skiing, fishing, and ecology. Such pursuits have prevented him from obtaining a "real-job" and have allowed him to spend much of his time outdoors refining and enhancing his knowledge of these subjects. Ashby is one the easiest going guides on our staff and his patience is only matched by his dry fly fishing prowess.

"My belief is that fly-fishing is serious...seriously fun!" As a side note, that was Ashby's direct quote, not that of Montana Troutfitters' Staff.

Tom Travis Outfitter #420

Tom brings with him the ability and knowledge of fishing Yellowstone National Park and over 30 years on the Livingston Spring Creeks. Tom has an unparalleled level of expertise on the finer points of fishing and a better, more seasoned guide you will not find anywhere, period.

Tom is an avid outdoorsman not to mention a gifted fly tier and frequent contributor to many of the finer fly fishing magazines. Tom will be available on a limited basis, so please call ahead for his availability. From Tom's mouth - "Remember I am a good guide, no one has ever told me I was a good angler."

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