Justin Graff

Justin was born in South Dakota and began fishing as a boy in the
Beartooth Mountains near Nye, Montana. He admits to being born into the
right family. He says "My grandparents lived right on the Stillwater
River and so I had it all to myself, it was our family river." He was
five when he took his first backpacking trip with his father to the
lakes on the Beartooth Plateau and started fishing the high lakes and
streams in the area. He continued his education both in the classroom
and outdoors at St. Mary's University in Winona, Minnesota, where he
received a Bachelor's degree. He then went on to get a commercial pilots
license in Phoenix, AZ.

    After a few years away, life and family began to call him back
home. He returned to Montana, splitting his time working on the family
farm in South Dakota, building fly-tying bobbins and guiding. Justin now
lives in Bozeman and owns the small manufacturing business, RITE
BOBBIN-a tool for tying flies. No matter if he is farming, manufacturing
or guiding, he always tries to remain upbeat, positive and patient.
Justin is a full-time guide in the area and knows the territory well. He
implores a wide range of techniques and tricks he has gathered over many
years of fly fishing. Justin has a genuine interest in meeting new
people and sharing his history and expertise with his clients. Maybe
above all, he loves a good laugh!

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